Tell Me A Story season 1, episode 8 recap: Chapter 8: Truth


What does it mean to tell the truth–no matter how much it hurts? Tell Me A Story explores that and much more in this week’s gripping episode.

Tell Me A Story has set particular themes for each episode, and this week’s revolved around the truth. Whether that’s Kayla learning about the truth of her mother’s affair with Nick or us learning about Katrina’s evil intentions–there’s so much to process.

And we’re not the only one’s processing. After all, how does it feel to learn that the guy you were sleeping with (your teacher) had an affair with your mom? Well, we can only imagine when that burden of truth comes crashing down on Kayla. In last week’s episode of Tell Me A Story, Kayla snuck into Nick’s apartment. She found one of her mom’s paintings and quickly realized Nick isn’t who he claims to be, down to his name.

Well, if you thought Nick was scary before, you’ll definitely be freaked out after watching “Chapter 8: Truth”. I remember feeling disturbed after seeing how easily he killed Ethan, but we find out that wasn’t his first time. In flashbacks to when Kayla’s mom, Abby, was still alive, we see a frightening side of Nick.

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Abby was Nick’s teacher, and after their summer fling, he became obsessed. But Abby was done with it and ready to move on. Of course, Nick wasn’t willing to listen. At home, Kayla’s father knew that Abby was having an affair and the last time the two of them would speak was the night Abby died.

Creepy Nicky or Josh I should say, showed up outside the Powell house staring at Abby. He wanted to speak with her and convince her to keep their affair going. She asks him to meet her at her office, and let’s just say things got out of hand. We’ve seen this side of Nick once before, but it didn’t stop me from fearing for Abby’s life.

She manages to run away from him and speed off in her car, but she doesn’t get too far before he starts tailing her. One thing leads to another, and Abby’s car crashes. Instead of saving her, Nick chokes the final breaths out of her. Yup, so he was the one responsible for Abby’s death. Mind. Blown.

But realizing that Abby, not her father, was having the affair brings Kayla closer to him. In fact, she even approves of him dating Katrina. If only she knew that it may have horrible consequences.

Tell Me A Story had a lot more story to cover and that includes Poor Gabe. Remember how Gabe was captured by an elderly woman named Esther. We can assume she’s the evil witch from the story of Hansel and Gretel, but honestly, it’s becoming hard to tell.

Esther is brutal and taking the whole abduction thing very seriously. She wants the money that Hannah has hidden away, and she believes Gabe knows where it is. In an effort to get it back, she tortures Gabe with a hot iron hoping he’ll spill details.

Unfortunately for her Gabe doesn’t know anything. A phone call to Hannah while Gabe screams out in pain is enough to convince her to give the money up (it’s about freaking time!). I’m not sure what Hannah plans to do, but she’s been pretty attached to that money. And her friend that is helping her seems pretty darn shady, so who’s to say he’s not involved in all of this.

Oh, and by the way, Gabe manages to get free of his restraints and walks out one of the doors right into a kitchen. It’s the kitchen of the hotel Kayla’s dad’s restaurant is in! Say what?! And he bumps right into Katrina, who we believe will help him. NOPE! She’s in on whatever this all is too. Oyevaye, what is going on, Tell Me A Story!

Then there’s Jordan. He’s been such a hot mess from the start of this series, and nothing is getting better. Basically, anyone that was involved in Beth’s death is dead, except for one guy–Sam. But guess what? Sam is a cop.

He’s the worst, and taking him down is not going to be easy. He’s protected in every which way, and nothing can really stop him from doing what he’s doing. Who is the Big Bad Wolf now?! But then something unexpected happens.

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Sam shows up at Jordan’s apartment hoping to join forces. He’s killed so many people that if it gets back to him, he’s screwed. And Jordan can’t exactly do as he pleases because it could label him as a cop killer. So Sam’s proposal is for each of them to cushion themselves with protection. But something tells me Jordan isn’t going to be on board with that.

Tell Me A Story is really gearing up for an epic season’s end, isn’t it?

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