Escape At Dannemora ripped by Joyce Mitchell, calls Ben Stiller an ‘idiot’


Ben Stiller directed and produced Escape At Dannemora — a television bio-series about a woman named Joyce Mitchell who helped two inmates escape from prison.

The Showtime series has received high critical praise and is up for a number of awards. However, one person is not happy with the series.

Joyce Mitchell, who is still serving time for her role in the escape of Richard Matt and David Sweat in 2015, said that the television series lies about the events that happened.

It wasn’t the escape that she had a problem with. It was the scenes where Joyce had sex with the inmates in the process of helping then escape.

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In an interview with the NY Post, her only interview since the escape, she said that she never had sex with either of the inmates.

Furthermore, she called Ben Stiller a “liar” just like “the rest of the world” and an “idiot” who only cares about making millions of dollars off her name.

It is important to also know that Joyce Mitchell has never seen Escape At Dannemora but has heard about the scenes from prison guards and her husband.

Mitchell and correction officer Gene Palmer worked together to help Richard Matt and David Sweat in 2015. The Showtime series showed them sneaking in the tools for the escape in hamburger meat, which she said was accurate.

However, Mitchell said there was never sex or love involved. She said that she helped out of fear. Mitchell smuggled in hacksaw blades and drill bits. She said she was scared of them and did it out of “kindness.”

She did admit to investigators at the time that she provided nude photos and gave Matt oral sex under pressure. She also told investigators she was caught in a fantasy of life with the two, although she now claims she doesn’t remember ever saying that.

The two men escaped, leading to a 23-day manhunt that ended with Matt killed in a shootout and Sweat back in prison. Palmer, who helped Mitchell, was sentenced to six months in prison while Mitchell could remain in until 2022 if she serves her entire sentence.

Patricia Arquette took on the role of Joyce Mitchell in Escape At Dannemora, gaining 40 pounds to play the role. Benicio Del Toro took on the role of Richard Matt, Paul Dano portrayed David Sweat and David Morse took on the role of Gene Palmer.

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Escape At Dannemora is up for the Best Television Limited Series and Arquette was nominated for Best Actress at the Golden Globes. Arquette also picked up a nomination at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.