Bad Blood season 1, episode 5 recap: When You Got Nothin’


In the season 1 penultimate episode of Bad Blood, we are reminded that the time for diplomacy is over.

Bad Blood has been such a whirlwind as we’ve come to know the Rizutto family very well. But it appears that there is a mole amongst them. Yet another shipment is intercepted leaving everyone to wonder what the hell is going on.

Declan is fairly certain Sal is behind all of this and puts Gio on the case. But following Sal is no easy task considering he changes cars multiple times a day. The Rizutto family has gone through the wringer in the first season of Bad Blood. And as a result, they are losing their men. No one trusts the Rizutto name anymore, and they may be switching sides.

In an effort to gain control, the Mafia went wild. And when I say wild, I mean wild. They killed everyone and anyone they suspected just so they could wipe out any traitors. This even extended to their own men who were going back and forth between sides. The body count was piling up so much so that there weren’t enough places to throw out the bodies.

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The investigation continues to get extensive with the introduction of wiretaps. Of course, a wiretap would reveal who is on the Mafia’s payroll. Naturally, their main contact is worried about what this will mean to him. And then there’s the neverending pile of bodies.

The wiretap evidence is squashed just as quickly as it emerged. Using limited resources and lack of money as an excuse, they get away with ignoring the wiretaps.

However, this puts one of the Mafia’s biggest leads right under the spotlight. After all, how does he own all these fancy things?

The lead investigator is onto him and reveals that she knows who he got his kitchen renovations from…are you ready for this? A contracting firm owned by none other than, Vito Rizutto. Dun dun dun.

To snuff out the mole, the drop-off points were now being shared with only three people. The entire Mafia was under enough scrutiny as it was and anyone working for them losing hope. But will this be enough to find who is at fault? Let’s see, Bad Blood fans.

Turns out Declan has it all figured out. During one of the runs, he pinpoints Gio as the mole. And then, as we’ve come to get used to in Bad Blood, he shoots him. I certainly feel something weird is going on here, and I’m starting to suspect Declan of being shady. But let’s see how this plays out.

Remember the contact, Aucoin, Vito has in the force? Well, he has some unfortunate news–he has stage 2 liver cancer and he’s retiring as a result. But he’s also tired of all this, of always looking over his shoulder in order to make things work for Vito. He’s leaving work behind and he thinks Vito should do the same.

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Since Aucoin is retiring, Declan is worried that they’ll need to find someone to replace him. Finding someone like that is a near impossible task especially given Vito and Aucoin’s history. But Declan also sees this as an opportunity to go legitimate like they once planned.

There’s just one slight problem. Declan is working with Sal. HE is the mole. HE is the one behind everything. Uhhh, say what?