It’s Always Sunny season 13 finale recap: Mac Finds His Pride


In the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 13 finale, Mac struggles to come out of the closet to his father. Will a dance routine work?

In nearly every episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, someone in the gang gets physically hurt. This time it’s Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito), who busts open his nose on the door on his way to discuss a gay pride parade with Mac (Rob McElhenney).

It’s a big episode for the show because it really focuses on Mac’s recent un-closeting.

There’s a problem, though, aside from Frank’s hurt face. Mac is not feeling proud enough to board Paddy’s pub float. It’s a setback for Frank, who drew the short straw and got stuck with managing the parade.

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Mac’s predicament opens a dialogue between the two, in which Frank candidly admits he doesn’t “get” gay people. Mac isn’t offended, as he thinks Frank’s a 75-year-old man with a face like hamburger meat.

However, Frank’s determined to help Mac get revved up for the festivities.

First, he takes Mac to an S&M joint, which is all the more awkward for the presence of a
buffet. Still, Frank looks on the bright side, saying “It’s a much better spread than what they have at the straight orgies” (there indeed was a scene like that in It’s Always Sunny’s 4th season). 

Unfortunately, Frank puts his nose rags in the chicken and get the two kicked out. Mac admits he hasn’t come out to his father Luther (Gregory Scott Cummins) yet, and they agree that’s probably what’s holding Mac back.

The parade

Some interesting aspects of Mac’s psychology are revealed in this episode. He discusses a dream in which he meets with god, and god is “a very hot chick.” Understandably, Frank is confused by this. Of course, Frank is also worried his nose may be infected, even using duct tape to seal his injury.

Then, when Mac first visits his dad in prison, Mac seems intimidated. Not only is he naturally reluctant to come out, but his dad says he’s doing additional time for killing his cellmate.

When Mac stumbled with his news, Luther mistakenly assumes Mac’s “knocked someone up.” Because his dad’s so excited about this, Mac feels additional discouragement. When Luther says he needs it to be a son, Mac has run out of steam. Mac has always found his Catholicism at odds with his homosexuality, but this is yet another dimension of his complex personality.

Later, we see Frank using lemon juice and hot glue to treat his wounds, rendering him less normal-looking than usual. On the bright side, the float is amazing, and we briefly get to see Charlie (Charlie Day) and Dee (Kaitlin Olson). Later, just before the parade, Frank sees a woman (Kylie Shea) leaving Mac’s room, and fears he’s headed back in the closet out of shame.

Frank has acquired Rickety Cricket (David Hornsby) as Mac’s replacement dancer. At first it’s deemed a little controversial as Cricket’s not gay, but eventually, it’s agreed that it shouldn’t matter. It’s the spirit of the moment that counts, and Cricket at least has some dance moves.

We also see Frank’s face swelling up, to the point where he definitely can’t drive the float. He notes how “Some cuts you just can’t plug up.”

The big dance number

Back at the prison, Mac greets a bunch of prisoners there for a show, telling them that country star Blake Shelton couldn’t make it, and that he has an announcement to make. With his father intently watching, Mac finally says it: “Dad, I’m gay.”

He then goes into an elaborate dance routine with the beautiful woman we saw earlier. Luther leaves without a word, seemingly quite disappointed. However, Mac and the woman continue the dance in the water.

It moves Frank, and he now says he gets it. It’s a poignant scene, and some fans called it one of the most beautiful scenes on TV.

It’s Always Sunny is known for characters who are nihilistic, self-centered and occasionally maniacal, this is a welcome deviation from the norm. That’s not to say the gang should completely mature, but it’s interesting when they do.

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Also, this actually wouldn’t have been the first scene, or the first season, to see them humanized a bit. As a bit of trivia, the song mac dances to is Varúð by Sigur Rós.

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