Tell Me A Story season 1, episode 9 recap: Chapter 9: Deception


Tell Me A Story delivers a frightening season 1 penultimate episode and brings all the characters together in preparation for one epic season finale.

Tell Me A Story has had quite the premiere season. In fact, it was slow to start but it progressively got more addicting to watch. Everything has been leading up to the converging of all three fairytales of the season–and this episode sets it all up for next week’s season finale.

Jordan has an awakening in this week’s episode, which we’ve been waiting for all season. But before he has an epiphany, he vandalizes Sam’s car by writing the word PIG on it. His wife, Mariana, is very disturbed to see this and is curious as to what is going on. Side note: Dorian Missick, the actor who plays Sam, is married to Simone Missick, who happens to play his wife on Tell Me A Story, as well!

The whole Gabe/Hannah situation is probably the least interesting of the three and hasn’t been that much fun to watch. The only intriguing connection is that of Katrina, who is dating Kayla’s dad, Tim. We’re not sure why she’s involved but do find out that it’s her money that Hannah stole. Katrina goes over the plan with Esther and wants her to set up a meeting place with Hannah. Once they have what they want, they’ll kill Hannah and Gabe.

Hannah gets the call and is told to meet in a warehouse. Whatever Katrina’s plan is, Hannah is prepared with backup–guns and her friend by her side. This is going to get really messy, isn’t it?

Then there’s the Little Red Riding Hood story that involves Kayla. She’s been experiencing quite the scare with Nick the stalker. She decides to ditch school, but it doesn’t stop him from constantly texting her–professing his love for her.

Honestly, Billy Magnussen does a stellar job of portraying Nick’s obsession. It’s almost too perfect that its worthy of giving one nightmares.

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Understandably so, Laney is worried about Kayla and wants her to tell Tim about Nick. Kayla promises to but unfortunately, Tell Me A Story, has a completely different idea in mind for how he will find out.

As viewers, we all know Ethan is dead, but Laney just thinks he’s been MIA. When she gets a text from him to meet up, she eagerly agrees. Little does she know that it’s Nick luring her in order to get to Kayla. Ugh, what a creep!

Jordan finally realizes just how far gone he is in this episode of Tell Me A Story. About freaking time, we say! This happens after he tries to kidnap Sam’s son, Leo.

However, when Leo starts panicking and yelling, something happens to Jordan and he realizes what he’s trying to do. He lets him go and is left bewildered and confused.

Luckily for him, Investigator Garcia believes his theory about Sam being corrupt. This realization comes with her finding out that Sam was once Mitch and Eddie’s parole officer. He may very well be the third pig she believes. Clever girl.

Kayla arrives at the address Laney gives her only to find that Nick is there waiting for her. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty darn scared at this point. It was such a jumpy scene, and Magnussen’s acting was on point. Kayla tries to go along with Nick’s plans for Paris and being together forever but manages to hit him and run away.

She finds quite an unpleasant hiding place–right next to Laney’s dead body. This gives away her hiding spot and psycho Nick shows up again. Thankfully, thankfully, she hits him once again, steals the key, and barely gets away. Making it outside, she starts screaming for help and notifies the police.

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When the cops arrive, they find not only Laney’s body but Ethan’s as well. And while waiting for Tim, who was visiting a frazzled, regretful Jordan, Sam questions her about Nick and who he is. There’s so much relief at that moment when Tim shows up for his daughter. Nick’s presence has been so scary, and Kayla finally isn’t facing it alone.

But the moment of peace is fleeting because of where Nick goes next–Colleen’s store. Pretending to need a disguise, he distracts her and then knocks her unconscious. Ugh, Kim Cattrall was barely getting screen time, now we have to knock her out too?! Here’s to hoping she survives.

Renee visits Jordan to tell him that she believes his theory and would like him to testify against Sam. It is the sure-fire way to have him punished for all the wrong he has done over the years. This episode’s title is “Deception”, and once again someone is deceived–and then murdered. Renee is confronted by her partner Olsen who confesses he’s been working with Sam and then kills her. Sigh, just when Jordan was coming around. Why, Tell Me A Story, why?!

Meanwhile, Hannah shows up at the warehouse guns a blazing and takes down everyone in sight. She gets shot in the process but is uninjured due to wearing a bulletproof vest. She runs after one of the guys in hopes of finding out where Gabe is being held. And this is where it gets really interesting.

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She ends up at the hotel, the same hotel that Tim and Katrina work at. Not to mention, Jordan is checking in so he has a safe place to hide out while he thinks Renee is figuring things out. So at this point, Gabe, Hannah, Katrina, Tim, and Jordan are all there. And oh wait, there comes Nick wearing a disguise looking to check into the hotel.

Hotel Sucre seems to be the place where all the characters will cross paths. What will the season finale bring? And what dangers lurk the halls of the hotel? And how will season 1 end given the series is renewed for season 2? We can’t wait to find out!

The season 1 finale of Tell Me A Story will air next Thursday on CBS All Access!