Brooklyn Nine-Nine: What to expect in the NBC premiere


After eight months and a change of networks, Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns this Thursday on NBC.

After Brooklyn Nine-Nine was canceled by Fox last May, fans were worried that they would never get to find out what happened after the cliffhangers from the season finale.

Was Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) promoted to New York City Police Commissioner? Would sparks continue to fly for Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) and Alicia (Gina Rodriguez)? How would married life treat Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Sergeant Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero)?

When NBC renewed the show less than 48 hours after it was canceled, fans rejoiced. But a new worry started to take hold. Would the show change now that it switched Networks?

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The most recent example of this was Arrested Development. It was also canceled by Fox. When it was revived by Netflix in 2013, the show took a different approach to its storytelling.

The episodes focused on single characters. All of the episodes took place over the course of the same event, but in order to understand what was happening, you needed to watch every episode. The show was not a hit with fans. Eventually, season four of Arrested Development was remixed into chronological order, but the damage had been done.

Would the same thing happen to Brooklyn Nine-Nine? It was already fun, innovative, and progressive. There was this uneasy feeling that things were about to change for the show we know. These fears were based on nothing, but we’re fans. You know he we get!

Recently, Digital Spy spoke with some of the producers and cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Those fears were quickly addressed by executive producer Dan Goor, who said that the show would stick to the same story structure. Goor said he wanted to provide more of the same kinds of stories the fans had loved about the show while maintaining a fresh newer approach to the character arcs that had started in seasons four and five.

Fans should expect to see more of Rosa’s journey, which is something that everyone wants whether it includes Alicia or not. The way Brooklyn Nine-Nine has handled Rosa’s identifying as bi-sexual is awesome.

It wasn’t just a ratings’ gimmick. Hopefully, she’ll get to be in a relationship that’s more stable than her engagement to Adrian Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas).

Per Digital Spy, there will also be a #MeToo storyline for Santiago and a closer focus on Regina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) before she leaves the show for good during the season.

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With all of the cliffhangers, continuations, and new character arcs, Brooklyn Nine-Nine should be able to hit the ground running. I’ll be tuned in this Thursday at 9 PM ET on NBC.

Were you relieved when Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up by NBC? Are you excited for Thursday’s premiere? Let’s discuss in the comments!