You’re the Worst: The underrated FXX comedy heads into its final season


You’re the Worst is back for its final season. The darkly funny romantic excursions of Jimmy and Gretchen show that true love can be honest, and brutal, and worth fighting for.

The fifth and final season of You’re the Worst is quite possibly the most anticipated. Jimmy fought for Gretchen and won her heart to end last season. They ran away to Jimmy’s ridiculous red convertible and sped away happily ever after.

No, of course they didn’t. The future of Jimmy and Gretchen is bound to have some raucous moments, and some tension-filled conversations where both doubt the relationship. That’s why You’re the Worst is such a great watch. It does not avoid the silly ways love binds two souls, and it does not avoid the darkest moments and deeply buried insecurities that everyone, and every couple, has if they spend any meaningful time together.

When we last saw the star couple from You’re the Worst, it seemed that October would be a good date for a wedding. This season, the audience will get to see a whirlwind engagement and planning period and hopefully a TV wedding that really delivers. Something way more classy than that British lady Jimmy calls Queen, what with the ceremony and the overdone flowers.

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You’re the Worst has been an entertaining and real look at the anxiety of dating, marriage, and trust. When You’re the Worst introduced these two characters, both were actively shunning the ideas of traditional relationships and marriage. The red-haired tornado and the hurricane from Heathrow circled and toyed with each other until now they each yearn to be in the other’s wake if not lead the storming of whatever social situation arises.

The tension of the season is not only a smooth wedding but if it will happen at all. Jimmy is a flight risk like no other, and Grethen is known to rash judgments on big decisions based on the quirks of a small annoyance.

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No not Paul. Paul, Edgar and Gretchen’s bestie Lindsay have most always been great side stories and plot catalyst for the main couple. Jimmy’s ex-fiance’ Becca will surely have reason to crash whatever wedding may happen. The build-up cannot just be one big prank by Jimmy and Gretchen, could it? A wedding to just crap on weddings. No vows, but the coordinated actions would show these two characters were always meant to be together.

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