Marvel series The Vision and Scarlet Witch has found its showrunner in Captain Marvel screenwriter


The Marvel series The Vision and Scarlet Witch — coming to Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+ — has found a showrunner and executive producer.

The co-writer of the hotly anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Captain Marvel and scribe behind the stand-alone Black Widow film, Jac Schaeffer will usher the series to the small screen, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to showrunning and executive producing duties, Schaeffer will also write the pilot episode of The Vision and Scarlet Witch.

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The series will specifically focus on the super-powered android and the sorceress also known as Wanda Maximoff.

It is expected that Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olson will once again portray the characters they’ve played multiple times in various big screen MCU outings.

The pair has a long history together in comics, although their characters and their romance have not been well fleshed out on the big screen.

Much of this comes from the fact that so far they have only been featured in three MCU movies Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War — all sprawling superhero team-ups that didn’t leave a lot of room for character development or the exploration of the budding relationship between the two.

The Vision and Scarlet Witch will let fans really get to know and appreciate these characters and will offer a chance to delve into their complicated romance. If it’s executed well, the show could be just the supplement to the MCU’s films that audiences are hoping for.

The series is one of three series Marvel is developing to spin-off from the MCU for Disney+. Another will revolve around Thor’s god of mischief brother, Loki, a fan favorite portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. And the third will team Captain America side-kicks Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie, and Winter Soldier, played by Sebastian Stan.

As the only upcoming series focused on a romantic pairing and containing a female co-lead, The Vision and Scarlet Witch could have a very different energy from what we are traditionally used to getting from the MCU. This could make for a fun counterpoint to the other series and introduce a new dynamic into the Marvel Universe.

A release date for the series has yet to be announced, but Disney+ is expected to launch in late 2019, so the series’ release may coincide with that.

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