Disney streaming service is getting a handful of new Marvel series


Fans might be getting a few new Marvel series on the upcoming Disney streaming service.

According to Variety, is planning to develop multiple limited series for some of the most beloved heroes. The new Marvel series will focus on characters who won’t get their own films, like Loki and Scarlet Witch. While it’s unclear when the Disney streaming service will launch, this news will certainly have longtime MCU fans jumping aboard now.

Of course, the big question is whether the actors and actresses from the movies will be joining the Disney streaming service. In the same article, it’s confirmed that Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston would both reprise their roles in the new Marvel series. Unfortunately, the shows are only planned to have limited runs with a season comprising of either six or eight episodes.

There’s also no word on how much Disney plans to spend on the series. However, it’s estimated to be a pretty large amount which will easily rival Netflix and other major productions. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering both Olsen and Hiddlestone are pretty in demand right now.

Sadly, sources close to production have confirmed that the leading Avengers will not appear in these series. This probably means Loki’s series probably won’t have any scenes alongside his brother Thor. However, Vision could technically be considered a “second tier” Avenger like Scarlet Witch since he won’t get his own film. So fans shouldn’t totally rule out a cameo or arc with Paul Bettany involved.

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That would actually work out because Olsen has spoken about her desire to do a limited series alongside Bettany. The two would like to see an adaptation of Scarlet Witch’s most infamous comic book arc, House of MIt’s certainly possible Marvel Studios puts its own twist on the famous X-Men storyline to explain why mutants have been absent from the MCU. Alternatively, a new Marvel series could follow a young Wanda Maximoff getting her powers with her brother.

As of now, there are no writers attached to any of the Marvel shows on the upcoming Disney streaming service. However, there’s almost no doubt a project of this caliber will attract an extremely talented creative team.

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These new shows will be joining the Jon Favreau’s planned Star Wars series on the Disney streaming service. Right now, it’s already beginning to look like a real rival for all of the major streaming outlets. Especially because Disney owns so many properties which fans love.

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