Tell Me A Story season 1 finale recap: Chapter 10: Forgiveness


Tell Me A Story converges all storylines together for an epic season one finale.

Tell Me A Story aired its season finale nearly a week ago but I am still processing everything that went down. It’s been quite the ride over the course of ten episodes, and I honestly am ecstatic about the series getting a second seasonTell Me A Story gave us an extremely dark take on some of the most iconic stories from our childhood, and the season finale culminated in the convergence of all storylines.

In the previous episode, Colleen was abducted by Nick and this episode begins with the news reporting her abduction. Naturally, Nick is using her as collateral to lure Kayla to him once and for all. Nick gives me the creeps and it’s a testament to how flawlessly Billy Magnussen plays this role. Meanwhile, Hannah and Terry are trying to make sense of who the people after them are. Katrina and Esther are daughter and mother, but what’s the incentive behind all this drama?

Apparently, they come from a family of miscreants and this is just one of their many conquests. Speaking of miscreants, after Jordan finally came to his senses, things took a horrible turn. Lieutenant Garcia promised to help him get justice, but that support was short-lived after she was brutally murdered. Obviously, Sam is behind the hit but it leaves Jordan with zero options for redemption.

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Jordan has no proof and his shenanigans have only put a spotlight on him. He’s basically hit a dead end and there’s no telling what his fate will be. Sam is in charge of the investigation regarding Colleen’s abduction so he’s not exactly thinking about Jordan at the moment. Unfortunately, they have no idea where Nick is. If only they knew he was just hanging out at the hotel.

Tell Me A Story shifts to Nick momentarily as he confesses all that he has done to Colleen’s family. He was obsessed with Abby and after her death, he set his eyes on Kayla. In fact, we learn that Nick caused an “accident” to occur which opened up a slot for him to step in as Kayla’s teacher. Ugh, what a creep! We get hints of “Little Red Riding Hood” during Colleen and Nick’s conversation when he refers to eating Kayla up.

Out of frustration, Jordan breaks into Sam’s home and threatens his wife. He demands that she open up the safe where they find the diamonds from the robbery that took Beth’s life. This is enough to convince Sam’s wife what a horrible human being he is and to empathize with Jordan’s anger.

The plot thickens on Tell Me A Story as Terry and Hannah abduct Esther, placing Katrina in the same situation they are in. But Katrina is one step ahead of them and is ready to pounce on Hannah. Before she can realize it, Hannah is tased and injected with something and taken hostage by Katrina.

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Nick finds a way to communicate with Kayla and boy, is it creepy. He texts her from Ethan’s phone in order to lure her to the window and leaves a phone for Kayla so they can talk. Basically, he’s threatening to murder Colleen if Kayla doesn’t play along. In hopes of saving her grandma, Kayla heads to the hotel–adorned in her red coat. Arriving at the hotel, Kayla finds that Nick is holding a knife to her grandmother.

Clearly, Nick thinks this is all a game and decides to play “Truth or Dare”. Secrets are revealed as Kayla eventually asks if Nick can let Colleen go in exchange for her. How Beauty and the Beast of them, right? In another part of the hotel, Jordan is facing off with Sam and Reynolds who are demanding he hand over the diamonds. One thing leads to another and Sam shoots Reynolds while Jordan makes a narrow escape. Oh man, the story is getting too intense!

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Jordan isn’t the only to escape his captors, however. Hannah and Gabe barely make it out alive as Hannah fights with Bruce. Eventually, Gabe shows up and shoots Bruce in the face.

So. much. blood. Later, they face off with Katrina whose face is eventually pushed against the grill oven and then she’s stabbed by Hannah.

Promising to leave with Nick, Kayla has to restrain Colleen so she can’t get out of the room per Nick’s instructions. But Nick has something else in mind. He doesn’t intend on letting Colleen leave and sets the hotel room on fire!

In the nick (hehe) of time, Tim shows up and beats the crap out of Nick, and the family is able to get away. But is Nick actually dead? Doubt it.

We bid farewell to Jordan in the season one finale of Tell Me A Story,:: cue tears:: Before he can kill Sam, he is shot in the chest by Sam. As sad as I was at this point, it was nice to see Jordan reunite with Beth somehow. Karma is truly a b***h because Sam quickly grabs the diamonds and runs out–only to get hit by a car.

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Side note, Jordan isn’t the only to go bye-bye in the season finale. As expected, Nick didn’t die in the fire at the hotel and showed up in Kayla’s room later that night. As she tried to break free of Nick, Kayla managed to push him down the stairs during which his neck snapped and he died. The family can now collectively take a deep breath because this horrible man is gone forever!

That was it for the season finale of Tell Me A Story, but rest assured the series is returning for a second season. Will we get new characters and new stories? Will anyone that is still alive return? We hope to learn the answers to these questions in the near future!

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