Escape at Dannemora shines during award season


Escape at Dannemora makes a place for itself this award season–with Patricia Arquette leading the pack.

Escape at Dannemora made a lasting impression on viewers and critics alike this award season. Not only did they have a strong fan following during the season, but it has been a part of all the major award shows including the Golden Globes and Critic’s Choice Awards.

It’s received multiple nominations and scored two wins, both of which have been awarded to Patricia Arquette for Best Actress in Limited Series. Side note: It was a tie for the Critic’s Choice Award for Best Actress in a Limited Series and went to both Arquette as well as Amy Adams for Sharp Objects.

Congratulations to Arquette and the entire Escape at Dannemora family for being in the running amidst some of the best television shows out right now. If you haven’t watched the series yet, we strongly advise you do so.

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It follows the true-life events of the two prison inmates that escaped prison with the help of a prison employee. Arquette plays the role of Tilly, the disgruntled, perplexing prison employee who has sexual relations with the inmates that escape.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Escape at Dannemora is that Ben Stiller is the man behind its creation. Yes, Zoolander Ben Stiller. It’s hard to believe this comedian went from comedy to producing/directing a successful drama series. You go, Ben!

Since it’s premiere, the series has received a lot of praise for its riveting drama and intriguing storyline. However, it has also been the target of some backlash, namely coming from some of the people it is based on. This is to be expected when a real-life event is depicted on television, but despite this, the series has gone to be extremely successful.

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It’s exciting to see Arquette be recognized for her work as Tilly in Escape at Dannemora. It is well-deserved and for anyone that has seen the series, you know what I’m talking about. This has been a very competitive award season given the many amazing shows out there, so for her to walk away with two awards is an amazing accomplishment.

Congratulations once again to Arquette, the cast, and the crew on the series! We are so here for all the recognition and praise you are receiving!