Outlander season 4, episode 10 recap: The Deep Heart’s Core


Good intentions backfire in this episode of Outlander as Jamie learns the truth about Brianna’s unfortunate situation.

Outlander has been a family event all season, and while things have been quite alright, this episode changes that. In the previous episode, Jamie beat Roger to a pulp mistakenly after Lizzie named him as the man who raped Brianna. Unfortunately, Roger is innocent in all this and it is all basically Lizzie’s fault for not understanding (though, we can’t really blame her either).

Jamie’s bloody hand is a cause for concern but he writes it off as an “accident”. Bree and Claire are none the wiser, but not for long. In an attempt to bond with his daughter, Jamie plans a hunting excursion for the two of them. It goes well until Bree starts thinking about the rape and how she could have done more to fight back.

As her father, Jamie is dead set on making her realize that she was at a disadvantage because of the amount force Stephen was probably using. To demonstrate, he puts her in a chokehold that she is unable to get out of. I guess whatever way you can prove a point, right? After his first lesson as a father, Jamie has to face some awkward questions from Bree.

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Like, did he fight Jack Randall back? Jamie’s decision not to fight back had to do with saving Claire’s life but it came at a large cost. And he passes on another lesson to his daughter–you’ll never forget it, but you will heal. *Snaps for Jamie*

Given that Bree is pregnant with “we’re not sure whose baby”, Claire the healer (not mother) wants her to know that she has the option to have an abortion. Yes, she could do it but it would hurt like hell without modern medicine. And of course, she could die from the procedure. And while Bree is fairly sure the baby is Stephen’s, she wants to believe that maybe Roger didn’t pull out in time, and maybe there’s a small chance it’s his baby.

Whatever her decision may be, Bree has to make it now. Either she aborts the baby before too many months go by, or she goes through the stones before giving birth. They’re not sure how the stones will work if she tries to go through with the baby and it may not be worth the risk. Of course, this is all under the notion that Roger went back and Bree would be reuniting with him. However, he’s still very much in the 17th century!

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Then comes the classic Outlander drama, folks, and it’s a woozy. Bree wakes up in the middle of the night after having a horrendous nightmare about Bonnet.

When she wakes up to Lizzie by her side, she soon learns a horrible truth. Lizzie assures her that the man will never bother her again, but the manner in which she says it gets Bree’s attention.

Bree finally learns that Lizzie mistook Roger for the man who raped her, and then learns that Jamie beat him up. She rushes to the cabin to confront her father, and the family feud that ensues is heartbreaking.

There’s also a lot of confusion in the heated arguments one of which includes Jamie thinking that Bree wasn’t violated. She angrily clarifies she was violated but just not by Roger. However, too many harsh words had been exchanged–and there may be no going back.

Claire pulls out the ring Bree retrieved from Bonnet, and the look on Jamie’s face says it all. There is so much fear, angst, and heartbreak in those beautiful eyes, and we feel every moment of it. To make matters a bit more awkward, Ian reveals that he sold Roger to the Mohawk. And spoiler alert, they live 700 miles away in upstate New York.

Bree can’t join, of course, because of her pregnancy and given that it’s the 17th century, it’ll take a solid 4 months to make the journey there and back. She instructs her mother to join Jamie and Ian because Roger may be baffled by seeing the men who sent him away in the first place. But the concern lies in where Bree will go in the meantime.

Aunt Jocasta’s house in River Run, of course! We can already foresee the many arguments the two of them will get into. While Ian, Jamie, and Claire look for Roger, Jocasta will take care of Bree and the baby she has decided to keep. Murtagh offers to drop her off in River Run and then has to complete a task Jamie has for him–find Bonnet and bring him to Jamie.

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The next morning everyone heads their separate ways with Jamie promising his daughter that he will bring Roger back. You better hope you do buddy because it’s going to get really awkward really fast if you don’t. May the force be with you, Jamie Fraser.

Upon arriving at River Run, Jocasta is overcome with joy when she realizes Murtagh has come to visit. As they reminisce, Jocasta hears Bree shuffling around and soon comes to learn all about the niece she didn’t know about. And even though Bree is pregnant and technically not married, Jocasta is more than happy to open her home up to her. Side note: I still can’t decide if I like Jocasta or not.

In another part of Outlander, Roger is shuffling along painfully and slowly with the Mohawk. Unfortunately, the other man that was captured with him passed away and now the tribe intends on traveling faster. Roger’s health isn’t up to par with this plan and while trying to pick him up, he falls down the side of a cliff and manages to escape.

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As he runs for his life, Roger stops to catch his breath at some point and notices a familiar buzzing sound. It’s a sound we all know–the sound of the stones. What are the chances Roger would stumble upon them? Who knows, but the scene fades out as he walks right up to the stone. Is going back? Tune in to find out!

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