Young Justice: Outsiders season 3, episode 9 recap: Home Fires


The Light make the first overt moves in the latest episode of Young Justice: Outsiders, while Nightwing’s new team learn to expect the unexpected.

Greater Bialya – Vandal Savage is working with Queen Bee on getting a new ‘acquisition’ in episode 9 of Young Justice: Outsiders. We can only assume they mean a meta-human, but who are they talking about?

Kaldur’ahm/ Aquaman declares a new Meta-Human Youth Centre open to helping those affected by meta-human trafficking. Gretchen Goode, the founder and creator of the Goode VR goggles that have shown up several times this season, is also working to help meta-humans. Her company has partnered with Wayne Foundation to contribute to the MHYC.

The Outsiders meet with Dr. Helga Jace and it looks like Brion Markov/ Geo-Force has finally forgiven Jace for turning him into a meta-human. But before they can continue their conversation, Dick Grayson/ Nightwing begins their training! Geo-Force, Violet/ Halo and Forager must work as a team to beat this test. While Halo and Forager do well, Geo-Force gets an F in all categories.

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Brion is impatient; he wants to rescue his sister from the League of Shadows, but Nightwing insists the team need to train first. Just then, Lobo lands to complete his kill contract. Who is he after – Forager! But Lobo has to get through the Outsiders first.

Romance is in the air in this episode of Young Justice: Outsiders. Jefferson Pierce/ Black Lightning and Dr. Jace have grown closer during the past few episodes of the show, and are unable to hide their relationship very well. Meanwhile, Jefferson’s ex, Lynn, conjectures that Will Harper may have feelings for Artemis Crock/ Tigress, who is helping him co-parent his daughter, Lian.

Episode 9 of Young Justice: Outsiders (Credit: DC Universe)

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The two of them are at a superhero creche, where apparently only the mothers of superhero kids show up. Strangely regressive stance to take, DC Universe. Iris West is there with her twin toddlers and Bart Allen, as is Mera with her son Arthur and Lois Lane with Jonathan Kent. A heavily pregnant Karen Beecher/ Bumblebee also arrives, but with no husband in tow. Will is relieved when another father shows up – John Smith/ Red Tornado seems to be stuck with babysitting duties today.

Unknown to all these people, someone is observing them from afar. Orm, the Oceanmaster, intends to kill everyone during the playdate, but he is stopped by Lady Shiva. Killing the superhero spouses and kids is considered by the Light as the ‘nuclear option’, one they don’t want to use lightly. But Orm is bitter about being imprisoned for six years and not being king of Atlantis. He wants his revenge, which is why Shiva is here. She swiftly decapitates him. The people at the creche never even knew how close to death they were.

Meanwhile, Lobo is nigh invincible. No matter what the Outsiders throw at him, they can’t stop him. The team tries their best to protect Forager, but before long Forager enters the fray. His exoskeleton is at Lobo’s mercy and Lobo is ruthless, spilling Forager’s peach-colored blood everywhere. Having completed his mission, Lobo leaves. The devastated Outsiders look on at the shattered shell when suddenly Forager appears from behind a boulder. He shed his exoskeleton to confuse Lobo and thus save himself. The team is ecstatic.

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The Light has assembled in Bialya to reveal that they were behind Lobo’s contract to kill Forager. Their intent was never the assassination, but instead to suss out the new team that Nightwing is leading. The Light is confident that they will take care of these metas, especially now that their group includes Queen Bee, Vandal Savage, Lady Shiva, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Klarion and Gretchen Goode.