Single Parents season 1, episode 13 recap: Graham D’Amato: Hot Lunch Mentalist


The single parents prepare for the talent show!

“Graham D’Amato: Hot Lunch Mentalist” uses the impending talent show as something for the kids to focus on as the parents struggle with their own problems. Single Parents uses their most popular pairings of Will/Angie, Douglas/Poppy, and Graham/Miggy to break up the three different storylines. While there’s plenty of heart and laughs throughout the thirty minutes, Will’s arc feels a little bit rushed. Could the show make Mia any more unlikable? It would’ve been nice to see her become a more fleshed out character rather than a caricature.

A Second Chance at Love?

In a quick scene at the beginning of the episode, it’s revealed Will and Mia are actually still married. This seems like a convenient oversight considering Mia is a lawyer but we can overlook that for now. What’s weird is that the show doesn’t show us the fallout of Will’s and Mia’s kiss from last week but just glosses over it. Naturally, the group doesn’t support Will considering a reunion with his ex since she hasn’t actually changed at all. Will agrees and asks Angie to make sure he signs the papers this time around.

Luckily, Angie is also a notary so she offers to get the paperwork in order before mailing it out. Unfortunately, Will returns home and eventually caves about trying again with Mia. The two kiss and he rushes to Angie’s to retrieve the divorce papers. Angie isn’t going to give up without a fight and manages to shove the file into her neighbor’s mailbox. She makes it clear: if he takes the papers from the mailbox than he’s out of the group.

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While she’s disappointed he chooses to try things out with Mia again, she stands by her promise. Angie informs the group that Will is out of the group and they need to stand firm with some tough love. Miggy is devastated, but no one is more upset than Douglas because this means his arch-nemesis, Mark, is joining their band of single parents.


Single Parents introduces Mark as a newly divorced dad within the school. He’s a bit awkward and desperate to fit in with the other parents. While everyone seems to sympathize with him, Poppy and Douglas don’t want to extend a helping hand. Douglas is understandable, but everyone wants to know what Poppy’s problem is. Turns out, Mark asked her out and she’s been uncomfortable ever since.

However, what’s the one thing which could send her into Mark’s arms? Douglas, in a fit of jealousy, forbids Poppy from ever dating Mark. She’s furious he would try to tell her who to date and decides to make his life terrible. Naturally, she seizes every opportunity to flirt with Mark and rub it in Douglas’ face. She’s in for a surprise though, when Mark sweeps her off her feet with the power of dance.

At the talent show, Douglas apologizes and admits he can’t see her with Mark. Douglas meekly admits he doesn’t think Mark is her person. Single Parents has Poppy skate over this revelation but it’s nice to see him share a moment of vulnerability which isn’t dragged out of him. Nevertheless, Mark turns Poppy down because he doesn’t want to jeopardize his standing within the group.

Just Babysitting Friends

When Mia shows up at the school to help out with talent show preparations, Angie strikes up a conversation. Turns out Mia has accepted a new job in Mexico and expects Will to upend the family to move there for a few months. Angie immediately thinks this is a terrible idea because Will needs more time to process, not to mention he has a job, friends, and a life. Mia gets upset about Will’s “babysitting friend” acting like his wife.

Angie’s upset about being reduced to just an acquaintance that she encourages Will to leave. Single Parents really lays it on thick with Mia’s emotional manipulation that she doesn’t feel like a woman torn between motherhood and work. Instead, she comes across like a villain who doesn’t really care about what the people around her actually needs. Who would give their significant other only a week to prepare a move to a new country?

During the talent show, Mia reveals she already accepted another job after Mexico in Honduras. She immediately reneges on her promise to scale back at work and Will isn’t having it. The two have a heated conversation in the hallway before Graham has a breakdown during his Hot Lunch Mentalist routine. Will rushes up on stage and saves the day which makes him realize his life is with his friends. He officially signs the papers and admits to Angie that he would’ve missed her.

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While we enjoyed this episode, it did feel like the Mia stuff could’ve extended an extra episode. However, it will be nice to see if the Poppy/Mark relationship will help the series utilize Rory more. Once again he is missing in most of the scenes with the kids but gets a moment as the MC of the talent show. With Graham, the twins, Sophie, and Miggy (who’s basically a child) all getting scenes together showcasing their friendship it seems like Rory is the odd man out.

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