Single Parents season 1, episode 9 recap: Ronald Reagan’s White House Collectible Pen


The single parents deal with school cliques!

It’s a week without kids in this episode of Single Parents. “Ronald Reagan’s White House Collectible Pen” has Will organize a parent social with the hopes of getting everyone to sign his petition banning phones until the eighth grade. This week flows a bit better than some of the others because all of the parents are at the same event while the kids get the night off.

Shockingly, Douglas has agreed to host the function but he has an ulterior motive. One of the beloved parents, Mark, used to be his protege who ultimately decided to form his own business. On top of stealing Douglas’ clients, he also took his favorite pen which was a Ronald Reagan collectible. His main priority is to use the party as a way to expose Mark as a thief and turn the school against him.

The only problem is that Mark didn’t actually steal the pen. Poppy admits to Miggy, acting as the bartend/Douglas’ eyes, she stole it last year when she was “Sloppy Poppy”. She’s been lying about it for so long that she can’t fess up now. Especially because Douglas sees her as a saint, and if he realizes what she’s done he won’t have to listen to her advice anymore.

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Meanwhile, Angie has a surprisingly good time throughout this episode of Single Parents. Will has assigned her to get signatures for his petitions from the “We’ve clique” or the three women who are the equivalent of the popular girls from high school. Instead of treating her with disdain, all of them bond over Will’s ridiculous nature. For the first time, Angie feels like she’s one of the cool kids rather than a loser.

However, it does come at a price. She spends the entire evening making fun of Will, which causes the women to think she’s funny. Small barbs about his index cards, scripts, and cellphone costume don’t phase her that much. Yet, the women reveal their plan to get Will tossed aside as room parent so one of them can take his place. Suddenly, Angie’s fun evening doesn’t seem all that fun anymore.

Will is relatively ignorant to the chaos happening around him since he’s so focused on getting signatures for his cellphone petition. He quickly has a crisis of his own to deal with when his guest speaker aka his girlfriend, Dr. Dewan, struggles to chat with the other parents. They see her as a superstar and spend the evening harassing her for free medical advice. She hits the wine hard to deal with the constant attention, something the other parents judge.

When he goes to don his cellphone costume in the sauna, Dr. Dewan jumps his bones. Unfortunately, Douglas chooses that time to stream his security feed on the television in the living room to prove Mark is a thief. The entire party watches the whole ordeal, and Will unknowingly becomes the laughingstock of the parents.

He jumps to the front of the room for his presentation regarding the dangers of screens. The parents happily jeer, even when Dr. Dewan takes over to say her part. Angie discovers the “We’ve women” are planning to use the video of Will to get him kicked out as room parent. She can’t sit back and let that happen, especially because she knows how much he cares about the well-being of their kids. Angie deletes the video and jumps up on stage to read the scripted information regarding cell phones because she memorized them.

After she tells off the judgemental moms, everyone talks about how much they love Mark. Douglas finally reaches his breaking point and outright accuses him of stealing the pen. Poppy admits she was the one to do it, only to learn Mark actually stole it. Turns out, he pocketed it after she drunkenly grabbed it. However, he only did it to feel closer to Douglas since he admired the man. Nevertheless, Douglas gets his pen back and all is forgiven.

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While Single Parents can feel forced at times, the ending felt like the most natural scene between all of the parents. Hopefully, the show can have more scenes with the parents hanging out and joking around compared to their typical school day discussion. It was the first time everyone felt like friends rather than people forced to ally due to their single status.

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