Single Parents season 1, episode 14 recap: The Shed


The single parents deal with sibling rivalries!

So far, we’ve only seen Douglas’ twins as one child throughout the show. He seems to acknowledge this, claiming he’s trained his girls to fuse into one which minimizes his parental duties. However, Single Parents is ready to mold them into their own characters. It’s also a smart call because Ella and Mia Allan have been proving all season they’re prepared to handle any material sent their way.

“The Shed” picks up with Douglas receiving a summons to the principal’s office after his girls decided to do some remodeling at the school. Unfortunately, the school doesn’t find the girls’ latest project all that endearing and demands they see the school counselor. Douglas isn’t interested in the least but Will promises Dr. Rhonda is fantastic.

Dr. Rhonda doesn’t share the same sentiment about Will, who meets once a week with her to chat, and bonds with Douglas over this. She asks him to describe his daughters and Douglas isn’t actually able to differentiate them. So he’s shocked to learn that Emma is actually a gifted child! Dr. Rhonda informs him her recent behavior is because she’s become so bored in class.

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Douglas doesn’t take the news well because having a gifted kid means he’ll need to put in more effort. Meanwhile, Will is ecstatic because that means Emma and Sophie can spend more time together at different functions for academically inclined children. However, Douglas has more problems since the dynamic has changed between the twins due to Emma’s newfound talents.

Some trash talk between air hockey leads the two to jump into a pretty big fight. Desperate to fix this, Douglas has Will and Sophie come over to resolve the problem while he attends a dermatology awards show. Will, who proclaims he’s a conflict resolution expert, will be able to handle the twins easily. Things are going to be more complicated than he expects though since Amy tried to sell her sister on Craigslist. Seriously, Single Parents knocks it out of the park with these two.

He gets to work with a myriad of exercises which ultimately fail. Eventually, the girls decide they’re going to “divorce” each other and storm off. Amy moves into the shed, the twins’ safe space, while Emma takes off on her scooter. In a sweet moment, Emma shows up at Douglas’ event and lets him know how upset she is. This is the first time she hasn’t gotten along with Amy and she wishes she wasn’t smart. Douglas, realizing how much his kids need him, decides to skip his speech and return home.

Finally facing his fears, he heads into the girls’ shed to talk to Amy. It turns out she feels like she’s worthless compared to Emma now. Douglas lets her know he was also overlooked growing up and knows what it feels like. However, looking around the shed he realizes Amy is just as gifted. She might not be a math genius, but she spends all of her time drawing up inventions which she brings to life with Emma. Looking at the sketches for the pool table the girls built, he has an epiphany.

Douglas heads back inside the house and begins to destroy the table. The twins decide to fix it together and all is solved in the Fogerty residence. Will also gets humbled and discovers he still has a lot to learn about parenting. Especially parenting siblings since he does only have one daughter.

In this week’s B-plot, Angie makes a new mom friend thanks to a playdate. It turns out Graham has a new best friend named Alex on this week’s Single Parents much to Rory’s chagrin. While everyone thinks it’s a bit weird Graham wants to hang out with a four-year-old, Angie makes the best of it. Turns out, Alex’s mom doesn’t want to hang around and chat but would rather get some work done.

Angie loves this chill attitude and accidentally forgets her weekly Wednesday plans with Poppy. Naturally, Poppy doesn’t take it well and goes to vent to Miggy. Sadly, Miggy kind of understands where Angie’s coming from because Poppy can be intense. Nevertheless, Poppy goes to Angie’s to prove she can also be chill. Angie caves immediately because it turns out Alex’s mom is taking over her house and tries to apologize for Poppy.

While Poppy makes her work for it, she does eventually forgive Angie. She peacefully manages to get Alex and his mom to leave so everything is returned to normal. It was nice to see a glimpse of Angie’s and Poppy’s early friendship on Single Parents. The two met when a desperate Angie had no more wipes for a baby Graham’s face and Poppy swooped in to save the day. Hopefully, we see more of these two through the years on the show.

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To finish “The Shed”, everyone gathers at Douglas’ to hear the speech he would’ve given. Rory happily tells the kids what the latest trend is with sweaters and is happy Graham is back to being his best friend. We haven’t really seen Rory and Graham hanging out on Single Parents so it feels a little weird to say the two are best friends. If anything we’ve seen Graham hang out more with Sophie and Miggy than anyone else on the show. However, we’re not opposed to seeing their friendship get developed more from here on out.

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