Broad City season 5, episode 2 recap


Last week’s episode of Broad City took a look at just how much of our lives we miss because we’re so preoccupied with documenting everything on social media.

This Broad City episode starts with Ilana telling two guys showing her around YouWork about her background. She thought she was interviewing for the office manager position at their position. They thought she was there to rent office space. She got the address wrong.

After making fun of their (“multi-billion dollar”) business model, she grabs a bunch of snacks and leaves.

In Abbi’s apartment, her landlord, Fernando, is fixing her toilet. He tells her that, because of the old pipes, she can’t even flush toilet paper. She needs to get a trash can for her toilet paper like everyone else in the building.

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As Ilana leaves the YouWork office, she sees her phone is dying and can’t remember where her interview is supposed to be. But she sees a mobile charging station and plugs in. She turns over a newspaper bin to sit on and sets up camp.

Ilana notices a seat cushion sitting in a pile of trash close to her, which is great since her butt hurts. As she grabs the pad, she sees her old boss, Linda, who is working on her screenplay in the coffee shop across the street. Linda comes over and complains about having to watch her stuff when she wants to go outside and smoke.

Ilana seizes the opportunity and says she’s charging 50 cents a minute for people to set up their stuff by her. People can work, charge their phone and smoke all they want.

Cut to Abbi at Bed, Bath, and Beyond where, of course, the first thing she does is an extended handshake with one of the employees. After they get done, she finally gets to the point of her visit, finding a trash can specifically for all the things she can’t flush (i.e. literally everything). Just then, Ilana calls and rattles off a bunch of things the needs for her new business before hanging up.

Abbi finally meets up with Ilana. Ilana has set up “SheWork,” a place that uses the “urban landscape” for an office environment. Really, she just set up a workspace using garbage and is charging people to use the public phone charging station.

After doling out the stuff Ilana wanted, Abbi explains that she needs a trash can just to throw out toilet paper. Ilana gives Abbi an outrageous plan to get back at her landlord (it involved photocopying various body parts). But Abbi takes the bones of this idea and decides she should make a petition to take to her landlord so he has to fix the pipes and everyone in her building won’t need special trashcans anymore.

After Abbi leaves, Ilana asks Linda to hold down the fort so she can focus on expansion. Ilana runs around grabbing new trash for her SheWork station.

Abbi is going door to door to talk to residents of her building. The first old woman she comes up to claims she’s never seen Abbi around. But she somehow knows Melody and Bevers. When Abbi brings up the plumbing, the old woman calls Abbi a hippy that’s ruining the neighborhood.

Abbi’s eventually gathers a small group of people from her building for a meeting. They all only know who she is because she pegged Jeremy.

Abbi tells them that they can have a better quality of life. She emphatically says they could be able to get rid of these special trashcans if they stick together. One guy says that, since Jeremy let her peg him, they can probably trust her.

Abbi takes a picture of them because, after all, it’s not activism if it’s not posted to the internet.

Ilana puts down a new rug and Linda says she has brought in a new client. Ilana is so excited that she asks to kiss Linda.

Fernando comes by Abbi’s apartment and they sit to chat. Abbi sits with the chair facing backward to assume a(n awkward) power pose. She tells him that she’s called the city and told them about all the issues in the building. Fernando doesn’t seem bothered.

She slides over a piece of paper and he says it’s not good. Fernando says he’ll pass along the demands. Abbi calls herself the Rosa Parks of poop.

Ilana is going around handing out snacks to people in her SheWork space when the YouWork guys she met come up. They say they’re going to shut her down. She threatens to go to Twitter…since she hooked up with someone in HR there once.

After a brief sidebar, the YouWork guys agree to pay her to close down. As they walk away, they admit that her idea is genius.

Feeling accomplished, Ilana turns around and tells everyone to pack up and leave cause she’s shutting down.

Linda comes walks in with her kid in tow, but Ilana is gone. So is Linda’s computer. And then her kid walks off. Linda can’t catch a break.

The episode ends with Ilana and Abbi at Abbi’s apartment. Ilana, not realizing the real purpose of the bucket, says she actually pooped in the bucket, rather than just put toilet paper in it. After fixing her mistake, Abbi shows Ilana that YouWork stole her idea and made a smoker’s rooftop.

Abbi turns this disappointment around to say that they both had accomplished so much that day and that’s inspiring.

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Just then an orange piece of paper is slid under her door. Fernando was fired and the building management is bringing in new people and raising rent. Oops.

If Abbi moves, will Bevers go to? Will Abbi and Ilana move in together? Let us know your thoughts on the rest of this final season of Broad City in the comments.