Is Rosita pregnant on The Walking Dead: What this means for Eugene


Is Rosita pregnant on The Walking Dead?

That was a huge surprise in the season 9 midseason premiere on Sunday night, as another pregnancy has occurred on The Walking Dead.

Rosita (Christian Serratos) developed a romantic relationship with Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) in the six-year time jump and this pregnancy could cause some problems. For one thing, who is the dad?

That is the big twist. Rosita is pregnant on The Walking Dead but it isn’t with Father Gabriel’s child. Instead, the pregnancy is from a tryst with Siddiq (Avi Nash).

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To make things worse, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) overhears this right after he tells Rosita that he loves her and she let him know the feelings were not mutual. Ouch.

It seems that Eugene can’t catch a break. This is the woman he has always loved (remember how he almost got into a fight with Abraham for how he treated her?)

However, you can’t make someone love you back and now Eugene learns she not only chose Gabriel over him but also Siddiq.

This is also very similar to story from Thge Walking Dead comics. In the comics, Rosita also was pregnant — in that case from an affair with an unrevealed person.  In that case, Eugene told her that he would always be there for her and would help raise the baby as his own.

The difference is that in the comics, Rosita hooked up with Eugene. That is not likely to happen in the TV show. In an interesting twist, 37 issues later, it was Siddiq that admitted that he was the unnamed man — so the TV show kept that reveal from the source material.

Now, this is where things get depressing.

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Alpha and The Whisperers made an example out of a lot of people, killed a huge number, decapitate them and left the heads on stakes as a message not to cross them again. One of those victims was a pregnant Rosita.

Would The Walking Dead kill a pregnant Rosita? Only time will tell.

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday night at 9/8 CST on AMC.