You’re The Worst season 5, episode 6 recap: This Brief Fermata


Jimmy, poor Jimmy, is not a bad boy. The latest episode of You’re the Worst has shown he is merely a terrible human being.

You’re the Worst finally tipped the scales toward the morbid. Never have fans left an episode feeling more disgusted at a character, and this is a show about morose characters with no regards for anyone else’s feelings.

Jimmy just won the prize for the most terrible person on the show. His angling and manipulating to get Gretchen on board with a guilt-free week of sex with randoms was horrendous. When Gretchen finally saw his game, she lost her love for the Jimmy we all wanted her to marry.

Work was grinding away the freelancing, fun-loving but risky Gretchen. Gretchen taking Jimmy and her job seriously helped her to take her self seriously.

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Jimmy just showed a lack of caring and honesty that the new Gretchen will not tolerate. Little boy Jimmy the writer was who she wanted to come home to every night, not the Jimmy she met.

The Jimmy that Gretchen molded into marriage material was the Jimmy who got serviced by a florist. The Jimmy that Gretchen no longer desires is the Jimmy that deviously proposed the guilt-free week of sex just to unburden his guilt.

Gretchen has grown up and is figuring out how she wants to grow old, which is gracefully and respectfully. Jimmy gave her neither of those satisfactions, blatantly lying and using past behaviors to try and solve present problems in the ‘margin of error’ as Jimmy called it.

The wedding is off, obviously. Not because Jimmy got a blowie after a long-winded epiphany of love and narrative, but because Jimmy was deceitful in trying to placate his guilt.

He took it out on Gretchen, obviously. Gretchen is finally privy to Jimmy’s BS, though Edgar was scornful from the jump. If only Edgar and Lindsey could lean into their own non-traditional relationship, instead of falling away from each other in search of happiness by other folks definitions.

In the end, neither were using the week to its full potential, and Gretchen did so for good reason. She truly loves Jimmy and wants to finally excel in her career. Jimmy, well, he deserves to be alone in his misery and his paid off mortgage.

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How will Gretchen get revenge on Jimmy for this emotional betrayal? Whether it be at the altar or beforehand at a Nock Nock concert, Gretchen will have a moment to torment Jimmy.

If Jimmy had a soul, he would already be devastated for letting down such a wonderful woman.

With only a few episodes left, You’re the Worst has finally turned from a love story to a Bloodsport. Gretchen can be vicious, and open wounds should be the least of Jimmy’s worries.