Broad City season 5, episode 5 recap: Artsy Fartsy


Abbi and Ilana venture off on adventures alone in this episode of Broad City. Ilana and Lincoln have a frank discussion about their relationship and Abbi tries to rub elbows with people in the art world.

This episode of Broad City opens with Ilana and Abbi talking at a bookstore that is selling some of Abbi’s artwork. Ilana has a dinner date with Lincoln that night that she’s already planning on Abbi attending.

The date is to check in on their relationship and renegotiate terms. Abbi would act as a sort of mediator.

Unfortunately for Ilana, the two run into Donna, one of Abbi’s friends from college. Donna, seeing that Abbi is still doing art, invites Abbi to a party at the Museum of Modern Art, since Donna works there as a coordinator.

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Ilana jumps in, saying they can’t go. Abbi, shyly, counters saying that, well, she can.

After Donna leaves, the two leave the store and Abbi says she’s worried about going alone while Ilana is at her dinner. She says that maybe she can ask another friend, but can’t really think of any other friends.

But first things first, she has to call her boss Kevin to back out of the catering shift she had previously signed up for that night. He’s frustrated at first but agrees to find someone to cover for her.

Later, at Lincolns, Ilana gives Lincoln a present. It’s an experience coupon book with things ranging from sexual favors to having a picnic in the park. (All things they already do, Lincoln points out.)

Lincoln has a gift for Ilana as well. He gets on one knee to grab it from under his couch and Ilana starts to panic. Thankfully, when she opens the box, it’s just earrings that say “Jewess.” She loves them.

At MOMA, Abbi is incredibly excited to be there. Before she can enjoy the party, though, she spots Kevin. This is the party she was supposed to help cater (of course, just Abbi’s luck). Kevin, logically, assumes Abbi changed her mind and is there to work. He also mentions that he was actually going to fire her if she hadn’t shown up.

Abbi stammers, but she is unable to explain to a frantic Kevin that she’s there as an attendee of the event, not to work the event.

At dinner, Ilana and Lincoln are very excited about their food and the prospect of a fancy multi-course dinner.

Abbi, roped into serving, is walking around with a tray of food when Donna spots her. Abbi quickly tosses the tray into a push. As they talk, Donna takes Abbi over to talk to a group of people. Just then, Kevin comes by with a tray of food and Abbi ducks behind a statue to hide.

Ilana and Lincoln, done with part of their dinner, decide to get down to business. They both pull out notebooks and start the negotiations. Ilana says she wants to have sex on a roller coaster, but Lincoln’s not having it. They settle on a ferris wheel.

Lincoln wants to watch four romcoms per year. That’s too much for Ilana who negotiates it down to 3 per year and she gets to laugh at (rather than with) one of them.

As Abbi and Donna talk with artists, Abbi starts to feel bad about how much they’ve accomplished in their careers compared to her. Donna tries to get Abbi to go mingle. But first, she wants food.

She calls Kevin over and Abbi ducks down to pretend to tie her shoes until Kevin leaves. It’s a long time. She then makes an excuse to get away from Donna for a bit by saying she wants to go find food too.

Next up on Ilana’s wants is the desire to make out with 50 people. Lincoln agrees to two, as long as he knows about them.

Then Lincoln drops a bombshell. He wants to move to Maryland (where he’s from) to start a practice with his brother. He wants children. He’s ready to start a family and settle down in the coming years.

Ilana is completely stumped by this. She had only been thinking about the next year, but Lincoln had thought even longer term. She starts to panic, saying she’s only 27.

She finally admits that she’s only just recently figured out that she wants to go back to school. Her life is on a New York City timeline right now. Lincoln asks if she thinks she’ll change her mind. She says it’s something she can’t move on and she doesn’t have a counteroffer.

Lincoln says this is non-negotiable for him.

They both close their notebooks and go back to their food. I mean, they really start wolfing down their food. They spend the rest of their courses stuffing their faces and plowing through the meal.

Abbi, working hard not to be too noticeable as she serves, accidentally bumps into a woman while carrying a tray of champagne glasses.

The noise causes both Kevin and Donna to rush over. This forces Abbi to finally own up to both of them and admit that she’s been trying to do both. Donna walks away saying she doesn’t like liars.

Abbi starts talking to the person she spilled on and finds out the woman waited tables for years while trying to make it as an artist. In fact, that even inspired some of her work. Abbi then finds out that she is talking to famous artist Toy Harris.

Abbi immediately gets weird and awkward and Harris leaves on Broad City.

In their cab, Ilana and Lincoln sit in pain. They both roll down their windows and stick their heads out as they both start to fart excessively. (That poor cab driver.)

This cuts to Abbi in a hospital. She passed out and has a cut on her nose and a black eye. The doctor says she fainted due to dehydration and low blood sugar. The doctor also assumes that Donna, who brought Abbi in, is Abbi’s girlfriend. They have a very awkward exchange in which they both reveal that they’re single.

In Lincoln’s apartment, Ilana and Lincoln lay on his bathroom floor, recovering from their farting episodes. Ilana says that, right now, she’s just meant to be a polyamorous queen, which Lincoln totally understands.

She says Lincoln will be an amazing dad and husband. Then she says the coupon book never expires, so if he ever wants something, just call her up.

Somehow the two are still hungry. Luckily, Lincoln has the cake from the restaurant.

Abbi gets glucose tablets from the doctor (Leslie). They share a tense moment where there’s clearly something between the two of them. As Leslie makes a move to leave, she takes her time (I mean really takes her time) which gives Abbi enough time to finally make a move.

Abbi asks for Leslie’s phone number.

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Broad City ends with Abbi and Ilana decompressing and dishing about their days. Ilana says her heart is broken. Abbi says she’s had a life-changing day where she realized she needs to put herself out there alone more. She tells Ilana about Toy and Leslie (who she now has a date with). Through gritted teeth, Ilana tells Abbi that she’s happy for her.

Will this life-changing day leave a lasting impression on Abbi? Let us know all of your Broad City thoughts in the comments.