Whiskey Cavalier series premiere recap: Pilot


Whiskey Cavalier dropped its series premiere on Oscars night–and it was well worth the watch.

Whiskey Cavalier is definitely a show to add to your list. If you were watching the Oscars on Sunday night, then you probably saw all the hilarious promos for the show (which ABC has been hyping up for quite a while now).

And I just have to say, this show is going to be worth watching for the rest of its season. It’s funny, action-packed, and brings together all the best things about The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan and Scandal’s Scott Foley.

We first meet Foley’s character at the top of the house, an FBI agent by the name of Will Chase who is nursing a broken heart after his fiance broke up with him.

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Mind you, he’s living in an extremely lavish apartment in Paris but that’s not enough to get him back on his feet. It’s not until he gets a call from his friend and fellow colleague Ray Prince, played by Quantico’s Ray Prince that Will even opens up the curtains in his place.

We very quickly learn that Whiskey Cavalier is actually Will’s code name in the FBI, and his assistance was needed by Ray to stop a dealer from purchasing a vial of Ebola. But the mission goes sideways when Ray is running late and Will takes it upon himself to stop the deal from happening.

And he does manage to save the day, but not before almost letting the Ebola vial shatter. That was quite the catch!

Of course, the entire mission almost went out the door when he caught a glance of a couple getting engaged and didn’t notice the henchman coming to. Before we know it, Will is shot and knocked unconscious but worry not, because he was wearing a bulletproof vest and shot the man while catching a glimpse of a text that read “Caute” on the man’s phone.

Will’s successful mission almost cost him and possibly many others their lives and it was all because of his broken heart. He simply couldn’t let it go and spent most of the episode nursing his pain.

This heartbreak wasn’t just confined to his apartment, however, because his boss and colleagues all saw the footage of him being dumped. As a result, he was given a different mission to embark on that would take him to Moscow to retrieve an NSA employee named Edgar that stole information from the database.

Enter Lauren Cohan aka Frankie Trowbridge–a CIA operative. When Will first meets her she tells him her name is Valerie.  What he doesn’t know is that she is playing him to get to the target before him.

Naturally, Frankie had looked into Will and knew that he was particularly vulnerable following his breakup. She used this to her advantage to break him down and distract him as she waited for the target to come out of the building across the street.

Successfully capturing Edgar, Frankie made a run for it with Will trying to follow closely behind in a cop car that he stole. Eventually, Frankie captured Will too (she’s so badass, it is not even funny), and the bickering between them began. If you’ve been following the Whiskey Cavalier promos, you know exactly how this is playing out.

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Having Edgar in her possession was vital for Frankie because of all the classified information he had. This included all the covers for CIA employees which could lead to disastrous consequences if it got out.

The tables turned later in the episode when Will broke free of his restraints and captured Frankie instead, escorting her and Edgar to Paris. To get across the border, they pretended to be newlyweds on a honeymoon so they could get across unnoticed.

But Will’s momentary lapse of judgment led Frankie to capture him once again and throw him in the trunk with Edgar. You would think the back and forth would get old, but it stayed absolutely entertaining throughout.

Managing to steal the keys, Will had Edgar reach into his pockets to retrieve them (awkward) so later when Frankie opened the trunk he was able to wrangle free once again. While on the train, later on, Edgar shared how he wasn’t at fault for what he did. He accidentally came across evidence of corruption and the sort and it is why everyone was after him.

The three of them soon learned that they were being hunted and got off at the next stop in Lyon, France. Unfortunately, they were met with a series of bounty hunters of which one of them shot Frankie who was not wearing a vest at all. Luckily, Will recalled that Ray had his own place in Lyon and drove straight there to help save Frankie.


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And while backup arrived, Will treated Frankie’s wounds before it got septic but learned something he wishes he never did. Ray was sleeping with Gigi, his ex, and it’s why he was late that day to the mission. Let’s just say that it did not blow over very well–poor Whiskey Cavalier. It’s okay though because he has Frankie and that story will be far more memorable than whatever he had with Gigi.

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When backup arrives in the form of Will’s boss, we learn that the boss is actually corrupt. Not to mention, he knows how Edgar is storing and hiding the information–in a tarball embedded in one of his molar teeth.

An extraction and lots of blood later, Ollerman got the tooth out but didn’t expect Frankie to wake up from her surgery in time to save the day, with a tampon firebomb. This gave Will enough time to take Ollerman down for good and successfully kick ass on the mission.

Back in New York City, the FBI gave Whiskey Cavalier and Fiery Tribune (Frankie’s codename) a new mission. But who exactly is in charge? That is yet to be determined.

Whiskey Cavalier officially premieres on Feb. 27th on ABC at 10 PM EST with new episodes every Wednesday!