Broad City season 5 episode 6 recap: Lost and Found


This week’s episode of Broad City follows Abbi and Ilana in Ilana’s quest to learn more about her heritage.

Broad City opens with Abbi in bed with her new girlfriend, Leslie. Leslie is watching Abbi sleep—well, more accurately, watching her snore loudly.

Once Abbi wakes up, Leslie tells her that she has a gift for Abbi. It’s a yellow hat that Abbi clearly isn’t too excited about. Abbi says she’s not sure it fits right and Leslie suggests Abbi can use pins in it like are used for yarmulkes.

Leslie struggled to find the word yarmulke and was surprised when Abbi knew it. Leslie is surprised (and maybe still doesn’t quite believe) that Abbi is Jewish.

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Over at Ilana’s, Ilana is video chatting with her mom. Ilana just received her “My Genes and Me” results and finds out she’s 100% an Ashkenazi Jew. Her mother tells her that Ilana didn’t need a DNA test to know that and says that now Google owns Ilana’s DNA.

Ilana is surprised to learn this. But nowhere near as surprised as she is when she realizes that she has a very distant relative who is a Holocaust survivor. She’s so excited, she freaks out, which transitions the episode to Ilana telling Abbi about it.

This relative, Saul, lives in Manhattan and Ilana wants to go find him and talk to him immediately.

Abbi puts on her yellow hat so they can leave and Ilana is shocked at the sight of it. (Ilana calls it a “brave” choice to wear it.)

As the two walk through the park, they talk about the hat. It becomes a bit of a metaphor for Abbi’s sexuality. Ilana asks if Abbi will “be a hat person for the rest of her life” since Abbi had never shown any interest in “hats” before.

Abbi asks if they’re still talking about hats and Ilana says yes, of course.

When they get to the assisted living facility to meet Saul, they hand over their licenses which they’ll get back before they leave. The front desk attendant repeatedly warns them to not leave the third floor of the building. They agree and go to Saul’s room.

They knock on Saul’s door and don’t get an answer, so they let themselves in. They see someone in a chair facing away from the door. Ilana approaches, introducing herself, but finds Saul looking dead.

It turns out that Saul was playing a joke on them. They’re not the first people to show up to meet him after getting “My Genes and Me” results.

They sit and talk and Ilana explains that she’s working on her personal essay for her grad school application and she wants to talk about inherited trauma. She says she experiences anxiety diarrhea 3-8 times per day and wants to know if he thinks that’s related to his traumatic past experience and was somehow passed to her. He says no.

She writes down that there’s a possible connection.

Ilana says she wants to hear his stories from his past. Saul agrees to tell her if she agrees to help get him out of the stuffy assisted living facility. Abbi says they can’t leave the floor. She apologizes and says they’re just following orders. Saul then guilts her by saying he’s heard that excuse before.

It works. The girls sneak Saul out in a rolled up carpet.

Outside, Saul says he wants to get his shoes fixed. Abbi and Ilana instead take him to DSW to buy new shoes.

In the store, Ilana tries to ask Saul a question, but Saul gets distracted by an exciting pair of shoes and goes off to get them. Meanwhile, Abbi is taking selfies of herself in her yellow hat to send to Leslie.

Saul finds the shoes he wants—a colorful pair of LeBron’s.

After, they walk down the street, planning where to go next, when they spot Alan Cumming crossing the street. Abbi and Ilana freak out, but Saul has no idea who that is.

Abbi and Ilana want to follow Cumming, but Saul is hungry and wants to get food. Ilana tries to win Saul over to her side by explaining that whatever happens to them from following Alan Cumming will be better than anything else they could possibly do that day.

Saul agrees, as long as they get to food quickly.

They follow Cumming to a drag brunch. This cuts inside where Alan Cumming sings a riff on “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast with the drag queens who work there.

At their table, Saul flirts with their server. After they eat, they see Cumming standing at the bar and prepare themselves to go over to him. Before they do, Abbi and Ilana take a hit off of their weed pen. Saul takes it and they try to stop him, saying he probably doesn’t want it. He asks why he shouldn’t get high too and takes a hit.

Just then, there’s a conga line that forms. Saul joins the conga while Ilana and Abbi go over to Cumming.

They tap Cumming on the shoulder. Abbi tells him that they’re big fans and they thank him for bringing them to drag brunch. Which, of course, forces them to admit to the fact that they’ve been following him for 13 blocks before he got there. He’s unfazed by this information.

As they awkwardly stand there, Cumming asks if they’re a couple. The yellow hat made him assume. They explain that they’re just there because they were taking Saul around. They ask if Cumming wants to meet Saul and he says sure. But when they look around for Saul, they don’t see him.

They spot him just in time to see him getting on a bus and pulling away.

They run out to the sidewalk and try to look at the bus stop to find somewhere that a Holocaust survivor would go. But neither of them knows how to read the map. They think he might have gone to Zabars, so they run toward there.

In Zabars, they ask a worker if they’ve seen anyone who looked like Saul, but he says no. While they’re there, the do some shopping.

Since they didn’t find Saul at Zabars, they again ask themselves where a Holocaust survivor might go.

This cuts to Ilana and Abbi exiting the Holocaust museum. Somber, they discuss the moving, educational experience. Eventually, they realize they had completely forgotten about Saul and they take off again. As they go down the street, they come across a sale and think maybe he’s in there.

They come out of this store with no Saul, but more shopping bags. Once again, they had forgotten they were looking for Saul and now it’s getting late. They decide to head back to the assisted living facility.

Back at the facility, they tell the front desk attendant that they lost Saul and apologize. The attendant says he always goes to IKEA when he sneaks out. She’s clearly mad that they didn’t listen to her when she said to stay on the third floor. She won’t give them their licenses until they bring Saul back.

At IKEA, they finally track Saul down. Of course, they’d also done a bit of shopping themselves while there. Before they leave, Saul asks to get Swedish meatballs.

As they eat, Saul explains that when he escaped the camp he wound up in Sweden where people were nice to him. He calls going to IKEA retail therapy.

Ilana and Abbi thank him (and the Holocaust museum) for teaching them today. Saul says that he has a motto: “Never forget. But also don’t remind me.”

This episode of Broad City ends with Abbi and Leslie watching tv together on the couch. Abbi laughs at something and the hat almost falls off. The finally decides to talk to Leslie about it. Abbi says she gave the hat a try, but she doesn’t think it’s right for her.

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Leslie says that that’s fine. She takes that hat off of Abbi’s head and they kiss.

Elsewhere, Ilana wraps up her essay on Jewish resiliency. Content with what she wrote, she sends in her application saying she definitely gets in.

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