A Million Little Things season 1, episode 17 recap: Goodbye


A Million Little Things, you fooled us good.

A Million Little Things had a very unexpected and surprising season one finale, and I, for one, did not see it coming. The premiere season has been all about Jon’s suicide and the mystery surrounding it.

Most of us were led to believe that infidelity was involved, while some of us started to perceive Jon as the bad guy in all of this. Let’s just say that all those tangents and side storylines were worth it, and I take back the complaints of “Can we move on already?”.

There is a lot to process from the season one finale so we’ll have to take it character by character, starting with Delilah. By the end of the episode, Delilah’s water broke and she went into labor.

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However, it was not Eddie she wanted in the delivery room. It was Gina that she asked so Eddie is MIA when Delilah is taken to the hospital. But the events that take place before the hospital are the ones we need to discuss.

The Barbara Morgan mystery was finally solved after Delilah works up the courage to confront her after Gary identified the woman in Jon’s old pictures as her. Similar to Delilah, we were prepared to hear about how Jon cheated on Delilah or maybe there was a secret love child involved, but nope, it was nothing like that.

In fact, it turns out that Barbara dated Jon’s roommate, Dave, and they were very much in love. So what happened and where is Dave now?

Get your tissue boxes out, because this one really hits you in the feels. On September 11, 2001, Jon and Dave were getting ready to board American Airlines flight 11 from Boston, but Jon ended up missing the flight when he left to buy some wine.

Things took a devastating turn when we as the audience realized the date (from a newspaper seen on the screen) and simultaneously figured out that this specific flight was one of the planes involved in 9/11.

It took a moment to let this all sink in because it was something we simply wouldn’t have ever guessed. At that moment, everything about Jon came together. For the years since the incident, Jon blamed himself for what happened with Dave, and it killed him inside that he wasn’t on the plane with him.

This guilt manifested into Jon breaking down eventually and led up to his suicide. That is why he cared so much about Barbara Morgan and why she was written into his documents.

However, there is a silver lining in all of this, believe it or not. The same day Jon’s life changed forever and he lost Dave, he also met Delilah at the airport bar. The connection he made with her there gave him a life partner and two wonderful children. Sigh, I’m not crying, you’re crying.

The last time Jon saw Barbara she was pregnant with Dave’s baby and had met a man named Mitch to whom she was engaged to. Jon was furious over how quickly Barbara was moving on with life and didn’t exactly have the happiest of words to say to her during their last meeting.

But the story does not stop there, A Million Little Things fans. Remember Chandler Riggs’ character, PJ, that Rome connected with? It turns out he is Barbara and Dave’s son, and even though Barbara thinks that PJ doesn’t know anything, we see a scene of him watching Jon’s video. Does he know the full truth? Is there more to this story? Of course, there is! But at least we now understand why Jon did what he did, and how truly heartbreaking it all was.


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In happier news, Maggie’s cancer is officially gone and the doctor cleared her! It’s an emotional scene between Gary and Maggie who don’t know how to feel after everything that has happened. But one thing does become clear after Gary, Maggie, and Delilah learned everything about Jon–Gary needs to say goodbye.

Recognizing that Gary makes up his guilt for not being able to help Jon with everyone else, Maggie takes him to the only place that will help him move on, Jon’s grave.

Eddie and Katherine seem to be on the mend and even decide to get back together because they were never actually divorced. That was a smooth move, Katherine.

However, they have promised to tell no more lies and that includes Eddie coming clean about Delilah’s baby being his. While we don’t see him tell Katherine this, we can all but assume it’s what he’s about to tell her. Oh my, please let them get through this!

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And last but not least, there’s Rome and Regina. After all this baby talk, Rome is feeling a certain kind of way aka he wants to be a dad.

But it seems that he and Regina had decided not to have kids when they first got married, and Regina hasn’t really changed her mind. Surely this will be a point of friction between them going into season two of A Million Little Things.

That was one heavy finale, wasn’t it? There are a lot of questions unanswered, some new and some old but we are ready for what the next chapter brings. Until next season, folks!