You’re The Worst season 5, episode 8 recap: The Pillars of Creation


You’re the Worst went and got weird this week, barely showing Jimmy and Gretchen at all.

This season — this final You’re the Worst season — was built to revolve around Jimmy and Gretchen’s June 9 wedding. Sure the peripheral characters would be available, on a whim, as Jimmy and Gretchen tend to like their friends.

Lindsey and Edgar have featured as BFF’s, but this week’s whimsical episode focused on the love triangle between Paul, Vernon, and Becca.

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Going to a stargazers retreat would be a nice romantic weekend. Paul invited Vernon and Becca along made things weird. Then things got really weird.

Once Becca broke the news that the artificial and home cooked baby making plan was all a ruse, the trio had to come to a compromise.

Without a compromise, Paul would have nothing but failure. Becca would have to worry that her womb really is as rotten as her heart. Vernon was foiled in his suicide attempt by Paul and a really long rope going into a really shallow pond. A lunar eclipse really brings it out in people after all.

The group needed a way to come together as a team, so each could profit from the whole messed up arrangement. As the old stargazer quips, “There is no waste in the universe. When something comes to the end, be it a galactic age, a star, a weekend away, it is simultaneously the beginning of something else.”

So the group threw away the plastic cup and went back to the old fashion method of making babies. Well, old fashioned as can be with Vernon helping Paul to rock back and forth.

Seriously? “I got you bro…”

Paul and Vernon began the series as barely connected acquaintances. Now Vernon is helping guide Paul into fatherhood. Just as Gretchen conjured up the trio, the trio is hoping to conjure up a baby bump before the wedding day.

Speaking of the wedding, the main You’re the Worst couple did look mighty content strolling into the diner. Jimmy was not walking like he feared death by Gretchen.

Gretchen was texting and trash talking while walking while not looking, which is her normal mode. No medications were apparently missing or overdone.

This loopy You’re the Worst episode helps put the fringe characters in a nice state of bliss for the immediate future. Now the show can get back to the main couples. The time jumped scenes show a messy future.

Let us see the nuance of that fall. Let us see the disappointment in Edgar face. Let see how inappropriate Lindsey becomes in her new man seeking stage. Let us not see any more of Vernon assisting Paul with Becca in the middle.

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Funny as that scenario was, You’re The Worst fans have gotten this far because of the relationship tension with Jimmy and Gretchen.

With only a few episodes left, let’s hope the show gets back to the feature act and not the sideshow story. The thruple of cosmic lovers will be fine until the third trimester.