You’re the Worst season 5, episode 9 recap: Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Sunday Funday


You’re the Worst highlighted the importance of good friends and great event planning for Sunday Fun-day.

Despite the impending doom caused by the flash-forwards, the You’re the Worst present is still filled with joy and wedding events.

You’re the Worst has always held Sunday Fun-day and spontaneity in high regard. It took some elaborate planning, but the best buds of Paul, Vernon, Lindsey, Becca, and Edgar pushed Gretchen and Jimmy towards having a very valuable learning experience.

Should there be religion in their home? Should their kids be religious? Should these imaginary kids have a religion that promotes circumcision? All very important decisions to be made before marriage.

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Well, unless you encourage a life of constant personal growth and want to side with Gretchen. Jimmy seems dead set on living a life he already knows, while Gretchen has to embrace a future of unknowns.

She has been self-medicating for years, and the pharmaceutical cocktail is bound to bring a hard hangover.

Jimmy knew something had been going on to cause some imbalance in Gretchen’s force. If anyone can sense her feeling problems below the surface, it would be Jimmy. His problems are always on the surface, being pushed onto others when not suppressing the family issues.

You’re the Worst has always worn its faults proudly. The group having ‘team’ shirts took the idea to the extreme. Vernon shouldered the lame Carrot Doc moniker while Edgar was labeled harshly as the PTS Dummy.

Lindsay is no Einstein Bagel but she is a Walking Hormone who can smell money on a man. Becca has been a pest all series, so she had Insect With Boobs as her nameplate. Paul, well, Alive Roger Ebert. I know.

Jimmy’s shirt was easiest to print, as anyone who’d met Jimmy would label him a Pompous Albino Brit. Likewise, any random bartender might not know ‘Gretchen’ but would remember the Emotionally Stunted Ginger who needed a ‘get even’ bang.

Paul made $2000 just for driving the party bus and getting burned by Vernon and Jimmy. Becca finally feels like the center of attention for a reason. She was in the middle while Paul and Vernon bonded.

That glorious occasion made Lindsay an aunt and even Edgar uncomfortable. Edgar though was still wondering if he made Jimmy’s list.

Edgar should have been on Jimmy’s list but is too good of a friend to cross than Rubicon. Edgar has been Jimmy’s support net for all things requiring social skills or household appliances. As aloof as Edgar is, he would notice weeks worth of medications being AWOL. Edgar was military; his situational awareness is acute in crisis situations.

The upcoming wedding is a situation, but Gretchen is going through a crisis. Jimmy spent half this season worrying if it was him, and after servicing a weird married man, realized the problems were bigger than his infidelity.

Whether it be with a florist or a married man, the dynamic between Jimmy and Gretchen requires certain trivial misdeeds instantly forgiven, with an understanding that some things need to be equal. Exes only count as half.

There are four episodes left. Even though this was a happy and light episode for fans, it marks the end of the party. Once the glow wore off, and the seriousness of Gretchen’s problem took hold, these last four episodes feel like the Four Horseman coming for their spoils. The audience has seen Lindsay ask Gretchen, “Are you still mad at him?”

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Gretchen could be mad at anyone. That could be a misdirection play. If it is Jimmy, it is doubtful that Gretchen is inconsolable because Jimmy went to the market for some eggplant.

However, every other option is still viable. Gretchen is playing medication mix-up on purpose and Jimmy is doubting himself more than ever. This won’t end happily in Mexico, even without a murder warrant active.

You’re the Worst airs on Thursday nights on FX at 10/9c.