Whiskey Cavalier season 1, episode 3 recap: When In Rome


Whiskey Cavalier continues to live up to its PR hype–and we’re so glad.

Whiskey Cavalier went all in for their promos ahead of the series premiere, and while that sort of PR move can be a gamble, it has certainly worked out in their favor. As the two episodes before it, this week’s episode, “When In Rome” is hilarious, fun, and riveting to watch. After they failed their previous mission, the group gets one more chance to prove they can succeed. However, if they manage to fail again, it is game over for this newly formed group.

It’s become clear that Frankie and Will’s relationship is going to take some time to grow, but their constant bickering is sort of cute if I’m being honest. I’m glad they’re not trying to jump right into a romantic relationship between the two of them because watching it grow from the point it’s at now is way more fun.

Will is trying his best to get Frankie to melt in the slightest bit, even if it means constantly referring to their team as family. The frustrations only grow when Will tries to bring their team together, but Frankie resists moving forward. Totally on Will’s side here, she needs to get on board! According to Will, they can only succeed if they’re functioning as a single unit, not individual parts.

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Unfortunately, Frankie’s time as a CIA agent has made her a bit rough around the edges, and she is not quick to trust or work alongside other people. That is how she wants to work within their task force, but something tells me this won’t last long on Whiskey Cavalier.

Will struggles with Frankie’s way of doing things and just wants her to open up and be more emotional. Patience Will, in due time, she shall melt right into your arms. Or so we hope anyway. And naturally the friction between Will and Frankie on Whiskey Cavalier affects everyone else on the team, and the effects of it are obvious during “When In Rome”.

To prevent all hell from breaking loose, Susan and Jai are front in center trying to make sure that didn’t happen. It was a fun change to the series because the secondary characters are just as fun as the main ones, and in fact, I seem to enjoy them a bit more sometimes.

Susan definitely gets into Jai’s head and the control freak in him comes stumbling out during the mission in Rome. It’s quite entertaining and helps us understand the type of person he actually is.

One of the best things about Jai are all the gadgets he creates. Whether it’s creating weapons that are catered to Frankie or creating a super tiny gun like in this episode, he’s the king of making things happen. On the other hand, Edgar is all about trying to get out into the field. His time is always spent behind the scenes on a computer and he wants nothing more than to own a gun and be a bigger part of the team.

The team doesn’t trust him with a weapon of any kind, and it’s a good thing considering he shot Jai with the mini-gun. Looks like the Whiskey Cavalier team is going to have to set aside some target practice for the guy, otherwise, he’s destined to hide behind a computer forever.


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As the team embarks on their mission, there are so many badass moments that take place it’s hard to take note of all of them. Let’s just say Frankie is an empowering female character and every scene of hers in this episode was better than the next. She is so focused on the success of the mission that she doesn’t pay mind to anything else.

By the end of the episode, the team barely scrapes by with a victory, but they manage to complete their mission and allow the team to live to see another day. The odds are certainly against them throughout the episode including defusing a bomb and fighting one of Frankie’s old coworkers, but they make it work like the amazing duo they are.

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And it has to be pointed out that Frankie’s emotional moment of weakness is absolutely adorable and speaks volumes to the fact that she can only be vulnerable when she thinks it’s the end of the road. I think we’ll eventually learn more about why she’s so guarded otherwise, but for now, these stolen moments are going to suffice just fine.

Whiskey Cavalier airs every Wednesday at 10 PM EST!