Whiskey Cavalier season 1, episode 2 recap: The Czech List


Whiskey Cavalier reunites Scandal co-stars Scott Foley and Bellamy Young in this week’s episode–and it was glorious.

Whiskey Cavalier is only two episodes in and I’m already hooked and all about everything the show has to offer. It’s funny, it’s clever, and the chemistry between Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan is simply absolutely amazing. In this week’s episode, “The Czech List”, the action continued as the newly formed team went out on their first mission together. It’s still unclear who is in charge but hey, we’re game with either one of them.

This week sheds light on the fact that Foley’s character, Will, is the emotional, sappy one while Cohan’s character, Frankie, doesn’t give a crap about anything and is as tough as they get. I am digging the fact that the show is hinting at a possible romance in the future but isn’t trying to rush it either. It’s a slow burn we’re all here for!

The mission for “The Czech List” is to acquire the retinal scan of a gentleman named Stavros Pappas. This is Will and Frankie’s mission because it will allow them to get a hold of a ledger that is currently being held under intense lock and key at the bank. With some impressive collaborative work from every member of the team, Will and Frankie almost capture the guy but unfortunately are intercepted by another group who kills Stavros before they can get to him.

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What now? Well, the Whiskey Cavalier duo heads to the morgue so they can scan Stavros’ eye. Standish escorts them in as Will and Frankie hide inside of a body bag, carefully avoiding the morgue employees. The mission is a success and before leaving, they leave a grenade next to Stavros’ body so the other group can’t get their hands on his eyes. Very clever, huh?

So, they’re done, right? Nope, because they still need one more retinal scan–Stavros’ wife Karen, played by Scandal’s Bellamy Young. Who knew that a Scandal reunion would make us feel so happy? As the team begins to make their plans for the next part of the mission, they’re told that a liaison will be working with them. Unfortunately for Will, that person is Ray who is deadset on apologizing to Will for sleeping with his ex. Not cool, bro!

The team comes up with a plan to get Karen’s scan which involves Will trying to seduce her. At first, this plan doesn’t seem to be working until Frankie guides him into wooing Karen. And while Will is extremely emotional, his instincts end up working later on during their dinner date, which is interrupted by the other group who is demanding to get the scan back.


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Will averts the disaster gloriously and manages to get Karen on board with the truth. The next day the group heads with Karen to the bank to get a hold of the ledger as she agrees to help after learning the truth from Will. But plot twist! Karen has been working against Will this entire time and was not the biggest fan of her husband’s. In fact, she’s actually with one of the women on the other team and manages to trap Frankie and Will inside the vault–which is slowly filling with water.

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After the team gets them out, Will and Frankie chase down Karen and the group (who for some reason were just sitting in the car in traffic). For a moment, we’re pretty sure Will is going to let his emotions get the best of him (especially since he started to develop feelings for Karen), but he is firm and fierce with her as he drags her out demanding to know what was on the ledger.

It’s the team’s first win, and there is certainly a lot to celebrate, especially the fact that Frankie threatened Ray on behalf of Will. You go, girl!

Whiskey Cavalier airs every Wednesday at 10 PM EST!