Broad City season 5, episode 8 recap: Sleep No More


Metaphors abound in this episode of Broad City where Abbi tries to tell Ilana about her new career opportunity without losing Ilana as a friend. The final season of Broad City tackles a big hurdle in “Sleep No More.”

Episode eight of the final season of Broad City opens with Ilana interviewing a potential new roommate. The potential roommate says she’s been crashing on couches, so she’s ready to move in as soon as possible.

Ilana asks a few questions, but the two really hit it off when they start talking about the Olsen twins. The new woman is ready to accept an offer to move in, but Ilana says she’s actually Ilana’s backup plan.

Ilana then says that she’ll get back to the woman in 24 hours.

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Elsewhere, Abbi is video chatting with Ilana’s mom. She’s trying to figure out the best way to tell Ilana about the artists residency program and her move to Colorado. Bobbi suggests buttering Ilana up with flowers or weed or whatever it takes.

Bobbi also warns Abbi to tell Ilana soon because she can only keep a secret for 12 hours.

Abbi asks Bobbi if things are going to be ok after she tells Ilana the truth. Bobbi pretends to freeze because of a bad internet connection and then hangs up without answering.

Later, Ilana and Abbi meet up. They had both brought each other roses—a sign of their psychic link, according to Ilana. Abbi says that this bond is something that nothing, not even distance, can change. Abbi then tells Ilana that they’re going to see the immersive, theatrical adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth called Sleep No More.

Ilana is incredibly excited but surprised that Abbi wants to go to something that will probably scare her. Abbi, seizing the opportunity to lay some groundwork, says she wants to experience what makes her uncomfortable so she can grow.

Ilana lays her own foundation by talking about Shakespeare’s bisexuality and saying that the two of them can grow together.

At the show, Ilana asks the woman at the ticket counter how best to find the nudity in the show. The woman explains that it’s choose-your-own-adventure.

Broad City then cuts to them in an elevator with a group of fellow audience members. Everyone is wearing the same creepy, blank mask. As Abbi exits the elevator, an employee stops her and eerily tells her to trust no one.

Abbi scampers away to Ilana, grabbing Ilana’s hand and saying she trusts Ilana. Well, who Abbi thinks is Ilana. It’s actually a random woman with similar hair. This happens again before Ilana finally gets to Abbi and tells her to stop bothering this random woman.

They go in a room that looks like a smaller version of an operating theater with a nurse circling a table as the audience stands above, looking down at her.

Abbi, sufficiently creeped out, starts to get uncomfortable. Ilana says they can leave if it’s too scary. Abbi, stumbling over her words, says that it’s good to be scared and to try new things. Ilana says that it’s easier for them to do scary things because they have each other.

As they continue through the rooms, they wind up in a calm candy shop room alone. Ilana takes the opportunity to get on one knee and ask Abbi to be her roommate. Abbi hesitates and doesn’t say anything. Ilana gets up, saying that she gets it and it’s ok.

Abbi finally tells Ilana about the residency program and the fact that she’s leaving the city to move to Colorado.

Ilana absolutely loses it. She starts smashing glass candy jars as Abbi tries to calm her down. Ilana is furious that Abbi didn’t even mention that she was applying to the program. She storms out of the room.

Abbi chases her into another room where a group of actors is mid-orgy. But even this can’t quell Ilana’s anger.

Abbi tries to apologize. She says she needs a change in her life to get unstuck from the rut she’s found herself in. She relates it to Ilana’s decision to go back to grad school.

Ilana then shoots back that, unlike Abbi, she had picked a grad school in the city. She had factored Abbi into her decision like she always does. Abbi caves a bit and acknowledges that she should have talked to Ilana about what was going on.

This seems to calm Ilana down a bit. That is, until she finds out that Abbi told Bobbi before she told Ilana. Ilana storms off to another room. Abbi follows her again.

Ilana says she doesn’t understand why Abbi wouldn’t talk to her if there was a chance she’d be leaving the city. Abbi confesses she was scared and was really hoping she wouldn’t get it so there wouldn’t be any pressure to leave. Abbi then says that she has to stop living the way she has been. It’s finally time she finds an audience for her art that isn’t her family or Ilana, who love Abbi and Abbi’s work unconditionally.

This is Abbi’s chance to immerse herself in the art world. At 30, Abbi concludes, she’s simply done with New York City.

Ilana apologizes for making this situation about herself instead of Abbi. She says she just needs some time to process what’s happening. But, in time, she’ll be able to deal with Abbi leaving and she’ll be there to support her best friend.

Abbi still has one more confession to make: the program starts in two weeks.

Ilana loses it again. She starts breaking everything around her and cussing Abbi out.

Broad City then cuts to after the show. Abbi asks what Ilana wants to do next, but Ilana just wants to go home. Since it’s still early, Abbi is able to convince Ilana to go with her to get ice cream. But while Abbi eats, Ilana sits silently without touching her ice cream.

Abbi again apologizes but says she has to take this opportunity to change her life. She says she needs Ilana’s support through this next stage of her life.

Ilana finally says that, despite Abbi ruining Sleep No More, she’ll be there to support Abbi. She then tells Abbi that she’s proud of her.

Finally sort of back on the same page, Ilana asks for one more thing from Abbi. She was some of her hair. Well, she wants a “long-ass tail for sniffing” to be specific. Ilana pulls scissors out of her purses and Abbi cuts off some of her hair. Ilana takes a sniff and puts it in her bra.

Ilana then, in a very business-like (almost cold) manner, stands up, shakes Abbi’s hand, says they’ll talk soon, and runs off.

Back at her apartment, Ilana calls and offers her backup person the open room in her apartment. After she hangs up, she starts vacuuming up rose petals she had laid out in anticipation of Abbi becoming her new roommate. The petals lead to the empty room where Ilana had cupcakes waiting and a sign that says “Welcome, Abbi!” Ilana, dejectedly, just looks at it.

This episode of Broad City winds down with an abnormally unenthusiastic Ilana sadly sitting on the couch as her new roommate moves in.

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After Abbi texts Ilana a 911, Ilana calls Abbi back for a video chat. Abbi asks her not to hang up and acknowledges that Ilana needs space. She says she just wants to show Ilana something that Ilana has been asking about for a long time. Abbi finally agrees to show Ilana her poop. Ilana is touched.

As soon as Abbi shows it to Ilana, Ilana is back to her vibrant self. It finally seems like the friendship is back. Ilana says that this distance thing could work out and be ok after all.

With only two more episodes of Broad City left, how emotional do you think Abbi and Ilana’s goodbye will be? Let us know all of your Broad City thoughts in the comments.