Broad City season 5, episode 7 recap: Shenanigans


The final season of Broad City is winding down and both Ilana and Abbi are facing the reality of growing up.

This episode of Broad City opens with Abbi and Ilana in a raucous bar. They’re bartending in front of a cheering crowd as they do fancy bar tricks while mixing drinks.

Snap back to reality where they’re simply serving alcohol at a boring office retirement party as part of Abbi’s catering gig.

After the opening credits, Leslie and Abbi are on the couch with Abbi’s foot in a boot. (Abbi somehow managed to injure it during bartending.) As they talk, Abbi calls Leslie her girlfriend and then waffles between saying “girlfriend” or “partner.” It’s awkward.

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But it’s mostly awkward because Leslie wants to have a serious talk. She wants to end their relationship.

Elsewhere, Ilana goes through her mail, tossing aside prestigious schools (like Yale) to come to Hunter College (in New York). She opens the mail to find out she was accepted to their master’s program.

Excited, Ilana struts down the streets of New York City clutching her acceptance letter.

She goes into a salon and asks the front desk clerk for a student discount. She places her acceptance letter on the desk. The clerk tells Ilana that she needs to have a student ID for the student discount.

Before Ilana can argue too much about it, someone from the salon sees her and thinks Ilana’s hair is perfect. He asks Ilana to model for the salon that night. Ilana, after initially thinking it was a prank, accepts.

Back on the couch, Leslie explains that she and Abbi just aren’t on the same page and it doesn’t seem like Abbi is an adult yet. Abbi, she says, is just living a life full of a series of wild shenanigans. Abbi is, of course, offended by being told to grow up and she kicks Leslie out of her apartment.

But before Leslie leaves, Abbi throws the yellow hat at Leslie.

Ilana calls her parents (who are on their way to meet the girls and Elliot at a play matinee to say goodbye as he leaves the city) and tells them all about the modeling gig. Her mother is incredibly excited. Even Ilana undersells the fact that she got into grad school.

As Ilana continues to celebrates while walking down the street, some liquid from an air conditioner drops right in her eye. She laughs it off as a New York City thing.

Ilana catches up with Abbi, who is talking a selfie with a copy of the New Yorker (an effort to make her Instagram story look more “adult”). Ilana’s eye is already red and rashy. When Abbi asks about Ilana’s eye, Ilana doesn’t seem too concerned about it. Ilana says she’ll flush it out when she cries at the play.

The meet up with Ilana’s parents and Elliot at a musical about The Diary of Anne Frank. They get to their seats and Ilana’s mom pulls out a ton of Chinese food that she’s snuck into the theatre in her coat. Ilana’s dad snuck bowls in under his hat.

By intermission, Ilana is crying. When she looks around, everyone sees that he eye is now full of puss and it smells awful. Her mom says that she needs to go to a doctor. Ilana says she knows exactly where to go.

She leaves the play, but she can’t get a cab. Ilana winds up going to see Monica—the veterinarian who also serves as Ilana’s de facto doctor.

Back at the theatre, Abbi is getting wine for the group. Seizing the Instagram opportunity, she tries to take a selfie, but she needs better lighting. She wanders up the stairs to a door that clearly says not to open it. She opens it, for the light, and promptly falls out of the door.

She winds up upside down between two buildings, hanging by her boot.

Just then, her phone rings. She thinks it’s an opportunity to ask for someone to get her help, but really it’s Leslie calling to ask Abbi about getting back together. Leslie says she might have been self sabotaging their relationship and she shouldn’t judge Abbi for simply figuring things out in her life.

Abbi, trying to play it cool, agrees to give their relationship another try. They set up a date for that night. Then Abbi (playfully, sort of) admits that she needs Leslie to call 911.

Ilana strolls into the vet’s office, right past reception because she a model, after all. Monica agrees to see her. She tells Ilana that she has conjunctivitis and she can’t get close to people. Monica writes a prescription for medication that’ll clear up Ilana’s eye in two weeks.

Ilana says she needs something quicker. Monica says there’s one other option.

Cut to the photoshoot where Ilana is wearing sunglasses as she poses. The director tells her to take them off and she reveals that she has a patch over her eye. The shoot comes to a screeching halt.

Ilana’s mom steps in to fight for her daughter, but the director immediately loves the mom’s curls and asks her to step in for Ilana. Ilana happily lets her and cheers her mom on from off to the side.

Back in her apartment, Abbi is icing her ankle. She gets an email about an art center’s residency program. She hesitantly clicks to apply.

Later, Abbi and Ilana talk on Abbi’s couch. Ilana can’t believe that Leslie dumped Abbi again. But Abbi, happy to have discovered the fact that she finds women attractive, says that there was a hot firewoman who saved her when she was hanging upside down.

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As this episode of Broad City ends, Ilana muses about being sad that Elliot is moving out of the city, but she’s happy her favorite person isn’t leaving. Abbi doesn’t have the heart to tell her about the out of state residency program.

What’s next for the Broad City friends? How will Ilana react when she finds out Abbi might leave New York City? (Probably not well.) Only a handful more episode of Broad City left. Let us know all of your Broad City thoughts in the comments.