Things you missed during Season 3 of Game of Thrones


With Game of Thrones right around the corner, it’s time to get your binge-watching in!

Season 3 of Game of Thrones ends on quite the sour note. You know what I’m talking about…the Red Wedding.

As I watched season 3, I contemplated whether or not I even wanted to watch the most horrendous episode of the show thus far.

I watched it right up until one of Walder Frey’s men closed and locked the door to the great hall.

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I couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore. But I am nothing if not a professional. I said I would watch every episode and by the seven gods, I’m going to fulfill that oath!

So, I watched it again. Watching Roose Bolton put a dagger through Robb Stark’s heart felt like a dagger through mine.

Now that the big red elephant is talked about let’s talk about the ten things you may have missed during Game of Thrones season 3.

1. Roose was a shady character all season long.

I, for one, didn’t realize it the first time around. He recaptured Jaime and let him go instead of giving him back to Robb. Sure, that’s weird, but I never dreamed he would completely switch sides like that. But watching it back, it’s pretty clear.

2. Catelyn is down in the dumps.

Catelyn seems like she gave up and knew their demise was imminent. And just when she felt a sense of comfort when her brother was happy with his new bride and her son was delighted, the rug is ripped from under them.

3. Was Jorah’s cover blown?

Ser Barristan Selmy showed up in Astapor to join Daenerys; he was the one connection to Westeros that could blow up his cover as a former spy for the crown. He proved to be devastating to Jorah during season 4.

4. Let the planning begin

We know Joffrey dies at the Purple wedding next season, but the plans were in motion during season 3. When Olenna Tyrell asks Sansa point blank what Joffrey’s like, she knew right then and there that this marriage wouldn’t do. And even though she and Littlefinger never are seen together on-screen, they’re working together the whole time to figure out his execution.

5. Final farewell

During episode 9, it hit me the second time around that when Rickon leaves with Osha before Bran leaves for the Wall, that it’s the last time the two youngest Starks would ever see each other. This realization devastated me, especially watching Rickon cry.

6. Twisted Ramsay

Ramsay playing the good guy at the beginning of season 3, pretending to rescue Theon seems even more screwed up when I think about it now, because of the unimaginable torture he put him through later in the season and beyond.

7. Tale of two eunuchs

Speaking of unimaginable torture, Theon isn’t the only castrated man in the bunch. Lord Varys is the O.G. eunuch, and we find out how it happens. He describes the instrument used as a hooked blade. A mere three episodes later, Ramsay uses the same type of instrument on Theon.

8. Jaime, the hero

The bathing pool scene is incredible. This is a turning point for Jaime and is the beginning of his redemption. Both naked and in their most vulnerable state, Jaime tells Brienne the real story of how he got the name “King Slayer.” He saved millions of people by killing the Mad King, even knowing he could have been killed himself for treason. I think this is when Brienne falls in love with him.

9. Close call for Arya

I didn’t realize how close Arya and the Hound were to the Twins before the Red Wedding. If they had gone right to the castle instead of waiting in the countryside for a while, Arya would have been at the wedding and would have been killed, too. Would have been a nice Stark reunion momentarily though…

10. Bran foreshadows the future for the first time

During the last episode of the season, Bran tells the story of the rat cook. According to legend, a king visited a Nightford on the Wall. The king offended the cook, so the cook killed the king’s son and served him in a pie without the king knowing it. The king liked it so much, he asked for seconds.

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Bran’s actual line, “He killed a guest beneath his roof. That’s something the gods can’t forgive.” Walder Frey killed many guests under his roof. And what happens at the beginning of season 7? Here’s a hint: he asked for seconds.

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Source: Game of Thrones wiki