You’re The Worst season 5, episode 10 recap: Magical Thinking


The You’re the Worst wedding is just 29 days away. How far from ready can Gretchen and Jimmy possibly be?

Gretchen is jumpy, very jumpy. You’re the Worst has never seen Gretchen this jumpy, or professionally productive. She is on her publicist game. She has planned an event that seems it was organized by a sober person.

As we’ve seen and Edgar has disclosed, Gretchen is as far from sober as ever, despite her decrease in alcohol intake. As soon as she grabbed that cocktail from the tray, she flipped to a Gretchen of destructive action.

Gretchen has been pirating Edgar’s medicine cabinet far too long. Eventually, the levee of emotions was bound to break through the waning effects of her growing tolerance to all pharmaceuticals.

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Alcohol is her catalyst for misguided lashing out, avoiding confrontation and professional progression through procrastination.

Edgar finally developed a way to tolerate Jimmy, which was to see Jimmy as an equal. Edgar is now a thriving scriptwriter and a much more helpfully honest friend. Even when denying Jimmy an argument, Edgar is polite while calmly removing himself from the situation.

Edgar has become far more intuitive and thoughtful on the finer points of relationships since Lindsey left him. Being in tune with Gretchen happened naturally, as roommates. Now if he can only get Jimmy to realize how much work is needed for a relationship with anyone, much less Gretchen, will require.

First, it requires honesty. Lindsey and Jaclyn have plenty of time to work out the small details, like who is actually the boss of the office. Gretchen has big issues that Jimmy is constantly avoiding.

One issue was whose song to play, but that was solved by a small contained fire. Gretchen, her lighter, and the sprinkler system were able to prolong the job induced professional tension.

When Jimmy and Gretchen get fired up, it seems the wedding plans will be burned to the ground.

Jimmy has yet to confront Gretchen about taking all the weird medications. They don’t do things like confront each, or talk about problems, or involve themselves in the other’s life in any way. Jimmy’s walkabout with Edgar helped him see that sometimes it is worth experiencing parts of someone else’s life, just to do it.

Seeing Gretchen walk with a purpose for the first time stimulated Jimmy in new ways. Not just because he has a foot fetish and Gretchen is wearing those wedding heels he bought her, but because he sees Gretchen in her professional setting excelling.

The event was great, right until Gretchen made it rain on her parade, in a bad way. With only a couple of episodes left, there is still little clue how the wedding will unfold. In a confusing flash forward, Jimmy is seen picking up OMG the Florist! Wearing black! Coming from a huge house, with baby items in the back seat.

He is driving the car he bought Gretchen, and the car is beyond a simple DUI or text message sideswipe accident.

What wind of car crash of wedding is coming? Lindsey’s flash forward mentions Jimmy and Gretchen have separated. Gretchen is throwing away minibar keys and doing the dead man’s float in a crowded hotel pool.

Jimmy got that low down florist a coffee. He did not get Gretchen a coffee before her big day. Edgar did, though Gretchen is tuning him out constantly.

Two episodes left, and it is doubtful we know where Jimmy is taking the florist. Whose wedding are they attending? Will Jimmy and Gretchen wear or request guest wear black instead of the traditional white? Jimmy and Gretchen both have some more shoe shopping and soul searching to do before the wedding.

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The build-up to the 6/9 wedding has only two episodes left, or 29 You’re the Worst days. Lindsey is surely plotting her victory during the bouquet toss, no matter which wedding occurs during the finale.

You’re the Worst airs on Wednesday nights at 10/9c on FX.