Jocelyn on The Walking Dead is not a re-telling of the storyline with Michonne’s daughter from the comics


When a mysterious figure showed up in Alexandria, many fans wondered who is Jocelyn on The Walking Dead?

The interesting thing is that this storyline bears a strong resemblance to one from The Walking Dead comics, but with a different slant.

See, in the comics — long after the war with the Whisperers ended — Michonne met someone and realized that it was her daughter, who somehow survived despite Michonne thinking she was dead.

Michonne then followed her to the Commonwealth community (which in the comics is the largest community we have ever seen in the world of The Walking Dead — one with its own government).

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However, while the similarities are there, this is different.

Who is Jocelyn on The Walking Dead?

Well, straight up, Jocelyn on The Walking Dead is an old friend of Michonne from the past.

As with all old friends on The Walking Dead, the two women had very different experiences and are in very different places now.

Remember when Rick met up with Morgan after a few years had passed and they were very different people? At least that worked out. Remember when Rick met up with Morales after a few years apart, and he was now in Negan’s group. That didn’t work out very well.

Michonne has a lot of reasons to distrust people, but will Jocelyn be enough to make her trust her, and will it end up hurting someone close to her?

Danai Gurira talks reunions

Even though Jocelyn on The Walking Dead is not the same person as Michonne’s daughter from the comic books, Danai Guria sees a similarity in trusting someone.

When talking about the storyline from the comics with Michonne’s daughter, Gurira told that it would be amazing, saying that there has to be nothing like it on the planet — losing a child and then finding they were still alive.

Jocelyn provers you can’t trust anyone on The Walking Dead

Of course, Jocelyn from The Walking Dead showed up in the past, shortly after they believed Rick had died. Just when Michonne trusted her old friend, Jocelyn betrayed her.

See, Jocelyn was kidnapping children and training them to be part of her army. When she lured in Michonne through trust and then kidnapped Judith, that was one step too far.

This is the point where we finally learn how Daryl and Michonne got their scars — it was fighting the children that went to war for Jocelyn.

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This is also a great episode because it showed why Michonne has become so cold-hearted and emotionless, as she had to kill her friend Jocelyn and a bunch of kids. Luckily, Judith gets through to her and it is time to go to war with the Whisperers.

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