Is Michonne leaving The Walking Dead? Rumors have Danai Gurira leaving TWD


There have been a ton of changes on AMC’s The Walking Dead the past year.

Carl Grimes, the character that many fans of the comic believes is the future leader of the society was bitten and took his own life to prevent himself from turning into a Walker.

Rick Grimes, who was the leader and the main protagonist of the show since the first episode, fell in battle. While the survivors think he is dead, he is actually just somewhere else and will get his own spin-off Walking Dead movies.

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Maggie, who is one of the strongest leaders in the comic books, is gone — also not dead, but no longer on the show (although there is a chance at a Maggie spinoff movie).

That is three of the key characters from the comic books that are now gone from the popular AMC zombie series. Now, Comic Book reports that Michonne might be next.

According to Walking Dead rumors, Danai Gurira might be leaving the show in the 10th season. Now, unlike Rick, Carl and Maggie — this would not be a huge change from the comic books.

Spoilers below from the comics.

In the comics, it was Michonne and King Ezekiel that became a thing (while Rick hooked up with Andrea — who didn’t die in the comics as she did on the TV show). However, after Ezekiel died in the comics, Michonne left to become basically a pirate.

While Michonne and Ezekiel did not hook up on the show, and she is currently helping raise Judith (who died as a baby in the comics), there could be something that drives her away as well on the show. Surely The Walking Dead won’t kill off both off Judith’s parents, her brother and her adoptive mother.

Or would they?

"“I’ll just say Michonne is obviously a huge part of the story of The Walking Dead,” showrunner Angela Kang told INSIDER. “We absolutely love Danai. Anything that’s contract-wise, that’s for people to work out, but we have a lot of exciting stories to tell with her going forward.”"

Executive producer Greg Nicotero added that the contracts are up in the air but the show is prepared to lose actors when needed and there are plenty of characters who can take their place. That sounds ominous for Michonne.

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Danai Gurira impressed audiences when she took her craft to the big screen in Avengers: Infinity War and is rumors for a role in the 2020 movie Godzilla vs. Kong.

The Walking Dead returns for the back half of its ninth season on Sunday, February 10, at 9 pm ET. on AMC.