9 Bold Predictions for Game of Thrones season 8

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Game of Thrones spoilers include a Jamie and Brienne reunion. Image credit: HBO

1. Brienne’s friendship keeps Jamie from being killed on sight

Ok, I admit, this one is pretty tame. It’ll happen in the first episode. Jamie left King’s Landing at the end of last season headed North on his own. When he gets to Winterfell, no one is going to be willing to trust him, especially since he’s there without an army. They’ll be hard-pressed to trust that he’s really there to do the right thing and stand by his word since he’s been serving Cersei and Cersei has clearly betrayed their agreement.

Tyrion will argue for him. But, in the end, it’ll be Brienne’s word and her being able to convey how he’s treated and respected her that will convince Jon and Daenerys to let Jamie join their forces. It’ll take some effort, but he’ll be a key advisor against Cersei after he proves his worth against the White Walkers.

2. The war with the White Walkers will go very poorly

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Now, you want bold. Let me lay some things out for you.

Vladimir Furdik, the stuntman turned Night King, already let us know that the third episode of this upcoming season will feature “a battle that the creators intend to be the biggest in television history.” I have two thoughts on this. First, it’s not going to be a battle that the Northern forces win. At least not at first.

Here’s how I see things going down: There’s an initial battle somewhere between the wall and Winterfell. Since Jon and Daenerys won’t really have time to gather all of the Northern bannermen to fight, they go out with the dragons, Unsullied and Dothraki. (After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Jon Snow rode into battle with terrible odds.)

They’re easily overwhelmed. Unsullied and Dothraki all wiped out (or mostly wiped out) forcing Daenerys and Jon to retreat to Winterfell to regroup and replan. As they retreat, though, the Night King (in a move that will rival any scene in Game of Thrones history) will raise his arms and all of the Unsullied and all of the Dothraki will rise to join his fight.

Anyway, they retreat to Winterfell where, after debating a series of awful plans, they agree to let Arya try to disguise herself and get close enough to the Night King to kill him. We saw in season 7 that most, if not all, of the wights die if the Walker who raised them is killed.

Whether or not Arya is successful, the best chance to win is to take out the Night King. To do so, though, they will also need Cersei’s help.