Broad City finale: What’s next for Abbi and Ilana


Broad City is ending after a five-season run. The stars of the show talked about what they’re feeling and what’s next for them.

We’re winding down the final season of Broad City, and with its final episode coming out this Thursday, TV Line published a chat with the stars of the show, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. The two talked about the emotional end to their five season show and what’s next for the talented women when Broad City says its final goodbye.

In the interview, Jacobson and Glazer talked about how they made sure to shoot the final scene of the show last. It seems like it should be an easy thing, but in the real world of producing television, things like scheduling and locations and other circumstances result in episodes and scenes being shot out of order all the time.

But, Jacobson said, shooting the final scene last allowed them to use the emotional atmosphere created by a cast and crew seeing the end of an era to create a powerful scene. Jacobson said they’ve been working with a lot of the people on the crew for the entire series.

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She also said:

"“…everybody involved was so proud of the show and the way we were ending it, so it was very celebratory.”"

On the final scene she said:

"“It was appropriate. The way we were feeling was equivalent to the way the characters were feeling.”"

Jacobson later said that, as she looks to the future, she can’t imagine a world where she doesn’t act across from Glazer ever again, keeping the possibility of future on-screen partnerships open. She went on to say that the saddest part of the show ending was not being able “to act opposite Ilana.”

Fear not, though, the Broad City duo has signed a development deal with Comedy Central and they already have three new shows in the works where they will be executive producers (though they don’t plan to star in these projects). They’ve earned a break after all of the work they’ve put into Broad City.

But, as Glazer points out, they’ve also earned the space to make their own work and follow their creative passions.

"“We’re really excited to occupy that space.”"

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Despite new and exciting ventures on the horizon, Jacobson said that the fact that this is all coming to an end hasn’t really hit her and Glazer yet.

"“I think it won’t be until the show has finished airing and we start writing again that it’ll kick in feeling like it’s actually over.”"

What do you hope to see from our Broad City queens next? Let us know your thoughts on the end of the Broad City era in the comments.

Source: TVLine