The Widow season 1, episode 2 recap: Green Lion


Episode 2 of Amazon’s The Widow doesn’t shy away from mystery, or tragedy, as Georgia Wells tracks down her missing husband.

This episode of The Widow begins in Punia, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We briefly see Joseph (Thabo Malema) delivering a crate with Gloria (Balindile ka Ngcobo). We don’t yet know what’s in the crate, but we can reasonably assume it’s something unwholesome.

Meanwhile, we are reminded that Georgia Wells (Kate Beckinsale) has received a car and a cryptic, threatening not saying “Go home.” However, the threat has the opposite effect, making her extra determined to locate her husband, Will (Matthew Le Nevez), who she believes didn’t truly die in a certain plane crash. When she tries to track down who sent the car, there’s no record of it. However, through an internet search, Emmanuel (Jacky Ido) has learned that their main lead, Pieter Bello (Bart Fouche) was an officer in Kinshasa. He later started a security company called “Bulletscreen,” although that has apparently failed.

Georgia and Emmanuel track down Bulletscreen’s address, then she steals an insurance letter bearing the address of Vanda Steyn (Chanelle de Jager), Pieter’s ex-wife. Georgia visits Vanda, telling her plainly why she’s looking for Pieter. Vanda stresses that, in so many words, he’s bad news, and that she hardly ever sees him. Either way, while pretending to need the bathroom, Georgia snoops in Vanda’s daughter Mia’s room. Georgia finds a birthday card addressed to Mia (Brooke Elliott) signed, “Love, Dad” — suggesting Pieter’s probably not so distant after all. Meanwhile, Georgia’s friend Judith (Alex Kingston) asks Joseph to look into the plane crash, curious if there’s something to Will’s disappearance.

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Iffy tactic

Georgia takes a questionable step to track down Pieter Bello. She decides to visit Mia Bello at school. On the way there, Emmanuel sees a suicide attempt scar on Georgia’s wrist. It becomes an awkward talking point. When Georgia finds Mia, she tells Mia that her father’s had an accident. Simultaneously, Vanda receives a call (most likely from Emmanuel) that her daughter’s been in an accident. It’s definitely an iffy tactic, but it works. Vanda heads to the hospital, where she is confronted about Pieter, and that Mia knows and cares about her father. We learn that Pieter Bello is in Kisima. Then, at the Congolese-Rwandan border, we learn that Joseph and Gloria are delivering a crate of coffee beans. They encounter border guards (Charles Katanga and Patrick Kiyeck Dikoume), who see no problem with the delivery. However, would the scene exist if it were just coffee beans?

Emmanuel’s past

We learn a bit more about Emmanuel. His car window was smashed by Samuel (Freddy Djanabia), the ex-husband of his current wife, Ivette (Robinah Kironde). It’s also clear that, ultimately, Emmanuel blames himself for the death of his previous wife, Gaëlle (Luiana Bonfim). She had boarded that fateful plane to deliver something for General Azikiwe (Babs Olusanmokun). Why does Emmanuel blame himself? He was a gambler, which is why they were in debt. She was paid to take the backpack on the plane.

Still, Emmanuel isn’t a bad guy. He met Ivette while defending her from her husband, the aforementioned Samuel. Still, in the present, he warns Georgia about tracking Pieter Bello down in Kisima. He says it is full of militia, rebels and mercenaries. Of course, The Widow suggests that Bello himself may be a threat.

Explosive moment

After briefly seeing Bello meet with a man named Djamba (Réginal Kudiwu), a car bomb explodes and kills Emmanuel. It had likely been intended for Georgia. To express her condolences, Georgia visits Ivette soon after the blast. Neither are very happy about it, as one could understand. Ivette says, “You find his murderer,” but “if you know what is good for you, you stay away from me.” Reflecting on these experiences, Judith says one of the best lines from The Widow thus far: “In a mad world, only the mad are sane, aren’t they?”

Ariel and Beatrix

The episode has also looked at Ariel (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) and Beatrix (Louise Brealey), two blind characters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In the premiere episode, they met while signing up for surgical treatment. Then he told her he survived a plane crash. Although they seem to love each other, Beatrix was curious to look into the plane crash, learning there was supposedly only 1 survivor, and that it wasn’t him.

She confronts him about it, which makes him leave. She believes he’s lying about experiencing the plane crash, but Ariel later apologizes to her. He says, “Nothing you will ever hear about that plane crash is true,” then mentions a bomb on the plane. It was brought on by a pregnant lady, in a backpack with a green lion on it. That woman was Gaëlle, Emmanuel’s wife at the time!

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The big crate reveal

The Widow then offers a huge reveal: Will Mason himself is Gloria and Joseph’s mysterious crate! In other words, Geirgia is not crazy, and is in fact very sane to think something’s amiss. The question is, how will she get the answers she needs, and rescue her husband from whatever treacherous fate awaits in Kisima?

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