Things you may have missed during season 4 of Game of Thrones


The binge watching of the most successful HBO drama of all time, Game of Thrones, carries on.

After re-watching season 4 of Game of Thrones, I’ve decided it’s my favorite.

The most insufferable experience a very painful, and very public death. Tywin is killed by his own son in the most embarrassing way possible. Cersei still had hair. The Battle of Castle Black. Tyrion delivers the most epic speech ever! The moon door!

There were so many memorable moments, but also so many things I missed the first time around.

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Here are ten things you may have missed from season 4 of Game of Thrones.

1. Jaime, the Cousin Slayer.

When Jaime was visiting Tyrion in the dungeons, Tyrion said, “There’s no kind of killing that doesn’t have its own word.” And Jaime replies, “Cousins.” It’s a sad nod to the time he killed his cousin Alton Lannister to escape the Starks. This time around, he seemed remorseful.

2. Uncle Peter knows best.

In episode 8, Littlefinger tells young Robin Arryn that, “People die at their dinner tables, they die in their beds, they die squatting over their chamber pots. Everybody dies sooner or later.” At that point, Joffrey had died shortly after eating his wedding feast. But two episodes later, Shae’s strangulation in a bed and Tywin’s murder on the chamber pot prove Littlefinger’s theory.

3. Bronn knows best, too.

Part of the reason we like Bronn is that he tells it like it is. He will fight for anyone for the right price, and he wants a castle. Bronn won’t be Tyrion’s champion in his trial by combat. He tells Tyrion, “Maybe I could take him. Dance around until he’s so tired of hacking at me he dropped his sword, get him off his feet somehow; but one misstep – and I’m dead.” If only Oberyn could have been there for that conversation because one tiny mistake and Oberyn’s skull gets crushed.

4. Hound the protector.

One thing I missed the first time around was just how much the Hound cared about Arya. He had a soft spot for her, and I don’t think it was about the money when he was fighting Brienne the way he was. And I don’t think Arya came to care about the Hound, too, and that’s why she didn’t kill him. She couldn’t kill him. She had ample opportunity to do so at that point. So, I am looking forward to their reunion in season 8.

5. Goodbye Joffrey.

We knew from the beginning of Game of Thrones how awful and scary Joffrey was. And by season 4 he had also become so unpredictable, anyone could be his next victim. So like many, I was thrilled to see him go. One thing I thought of is that every king since the Mad King was sort of “mad.” Robert was a crazy lush who couldn’t get enough sex, so his bastard children were crawling all over Kings Landing. Joffrey was certifiably mad, obviously. Tommen is “mad” enough to throw himself off a building. And Cersei, well, she blew up the Sept with wildfire.

6. The rarity of valyrian steel.

The season opens with the melting down of Ned Stark’s valyrian steel sword, Ice, into two new swords. One is Joffrey’s (Widow’s Wail), and one is Jaime’s. By the next season, Jaime gives his to Brienne (Oathkeeper), and she has it with her up north. After Joffrey died, Widow’s Wail goes to Tommen, and then back to Jaime who is also headed north. So, both swords will be back in the north where they belong to take on some White Walkers.

7. Craster’s last son.

In episode 4, we see Craster’s 99th son on an icy altar, and with a simple touch of the Night King, his eyes turn icy blue. My theory is Caster’s sons turn into the White Walkers, and maybe even Craster himself is a descendant of the Night King. Something also tells me Baby Sam (probably more like toddler Sam now) has some significant role to play in the last season.

8. Melisandre is full of tricks.

In episode 7, the Red Woman reveals to Stannis’ wife Selyse, that most of her potions and powders are “a trick that led them to the truth.” Melisandre believes in her cause so much so, that she is willing to use trickery to make her “visions” a reality. It sounds very familiar. Hint Fake News!

9. Flying high?

The Three-Eyed Raven tells Bran that he will never walk again in episode 10. But he will fly. This could be important because it means that he is “flying” through history with his flashback visions. Or, it could mean something even cooler, like taking over a dragon (as a warg) – maybe even an ice dragon.

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10. Tyrion a Targaryen?

There are a ton of theories out there that Tyrion is not a Lannister and actually a Targaryen. One thing that supports this theory is Tywin’s outright hatred of his son. It could be the fact that his wife, Joanna, died while giving birth to him. But what if Tyrion was conceived from a relationship between Joanna and the Mad King? Tywin literally tells him “you’re no son of mine.” He tried to kill him, multiple times. Season 4 subtly supports this Tyrion is a Targaryen theory through Tywin’s actions.

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