Single Parents season 1, episode 20 recap: Raining Blood


The single parents deal with saying “I love you”!

It’s Angie’s 30th birthday on this week’s episode and everyone is worried about how to celebrate. While the kids feel a bit forced in “Raining Blood”, the episode is entirely worth it just to see Leighton Meester perform some hard metal on stage. Single Parents could easily take advantage of her musical talent the way The Orville did recently but instead, she’s giving an entertaining performance as a wannabe rockstar.

Will is back to his usual excitable self when he realizes Angie is hitting a major milestone. He wants to throw a huge party but she would much rather hang out with Owen and watch some Netflix. Unfortunately, things with Owen are a bit rocky. He has told her multiple times that he loves her but she hasn’t been able to say it back. While she offers to say it right then, Owen admits that would only make it weirder.

Meanwhile, Will ignores her requests and plans the ultimate birthday that Angie wanted for her twenty-first birthday. It winds up being a huge metal extravaganza and it turns out to be a saving grace for Poppy. A new wine and bookstore opened across the street which is stealing her business. The appeal of the party is going to help foot traffic so she happily agrees to let Will host it there.

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When Angie and Owen show up at the Wineberry, both are shocked by the surprise party Will planned. Sadly, Angie assumes Owen was the one responsible and happily thanks him. Poor Owen panics and accepts the praise while Will grits his teeth at someone getting the credit for his hard work. However, Will just wants Angie to be happy so he will go along with it. Single Parents also gets a fun bit out of Mark Rush who returns to impersonate a true rockstar on stage.

Naturally, Owen is a nice guy and he can’t go along with the lie. He apologizes to Will and admits he’s going to tell Angie the truth. Of course, Angie now realizing how well her boyfriend knows her decides to choose this moment to tell him she loves him. Owen blurts out they have to break up though. She wasn’t ready to say it because there’s something missing. While Angie is initially upset, she does acknowledge that he’s right.

Single Parents seems to be foreshadowing an eventual Will/Angie pairing. She confides in Will that she had hoped Owen threw the party because it would mean he truly knew her. Instead, it’s her best friend, which at least shows her friends know her.

Meanwhile, Graham and Douglas are in a quick subplot. Graham has made his mother a macaroni necklace for her birthday but Douglas convinces him it’s not good enough. The two go to a department store where Graham picks out lingerie on his own. When he gets to the party, he decides to give her the necklace instead and apologizes. Angie doesn’t care though since she will love anything he makes her. When she goes to return the lingerie, the salesperson hands Graham a necklace that he had secretly set up with Douglas. Angie adorably puts a piece of pasta on it before saying it’s perfect. These two are seriously adorable!

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The twins, Rory, and Sophie are in their own storyline trying to prove they can be mature. Rory writes a play but winds up feeling like he failed everyone. Instead, the girls write a play of their own and the four team up for a performance. It’s a little out of place but it thankfully doesn’t take up too much time.

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