This is Us: Which series regular isn’t returning next season?


If you’re still reeling from last night’s This is Us, you may not be emotionally ready to handle this piece of information.

Melanie Liburd, who plays Beth’s cousin, Zoe, is exiting This is Us after only one season.

We first met Zoe on the season 2 finale, when she arrived to take photos of Kate and Toby’s wedding. We also saw a brief flash forward with her and Kevin, holding hands, flying to Vietnam.

She was promoted to series regular for season 3 and became Kevin’s live-in girlfriend. But as we saw last week, Zoe didn’t want kids. And while Kevin originally said he’d give them up for her, it was clear from last night’s finale he still wanted to be a father. They seem to part ways amicably, and it looks as though this storyline is over.

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Last night’s finale also had a bit of a twist during its flash forward.

Almost the entire Pearson family is in Kevin’s (big) house. We find out that Beth and Randall are still together, and Toby arrives without Kate.

But perhaps the most shocking element of the sequence is a boy, about 10 or 11 years old, running through the house and calls Randall “uncle Randall.” When Randall indicates that he spoke to Jack, we know the young boy isn’t Jack, so he must be Kevin’s!

So, the biggest question is, who’s Kevin’s baby mama?

It could be one of three people.

  1. Sophie: This might be a stretch, considering she’s currently engaged to someone else. But, they’ve been together on-and-off since they were kids, and were even married at one point. Maybe they just couldn’t stay away from each other.
  2. Zoe: This is highly unlikely since Liburd is leaving the show, but maybe after season 4, Zoe and Kevin cross paths, and she realizes she does want kids. I don’t think she changes her mind, though.
  3. Mystery girl: Maybe we haven’t met Kevin’s baby mama yet! If that’s the case, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for casting news this summer. Maybe we’ll meet her next season.
  4. No mom: Maybe Kevin decided that he didn’t need a woman to be a dad, so he adopts a kid or has a surrogate have a kid for him.

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Who do you think Kevin’s kid’s mom is? And do you think we’ll find out right away or will it be a slow burn (in typical This is Us fashion)?

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