Whiskey Cavalier season 1, episode 6 recap: Five Spies and a Baby


Whiskey Cavalier reminds us why Will and Frankie should be together.

Whiskey Cavalier is so much fun to watch every single week. The group dynamic and the romantic tension between Will and Frankie is always a good time. However, things have come to a halt between the two of them ever since Will started dating Emma–the British MI-6 agent. Sure, she’s cute and funny, but she’s no Frankie.

This week’s episode of Whiskey Cavalier focuses on a serious storyline involving smuggling and selling babies. While on a mission, the team ends up with a baby in tow, and as we come to learn, there is a bigger scandal to handle than they initially realized. I like the way this episode highlights each character in how they interact with the baby.

Basically, everyone but Jai is enamored by it, but by the end, he too becomes attached. Let’s just say, any one of them would make the best parents ever–even Frankie! Perhaps the most shocking revelation is that Frankie has thought about her future kids, specifically future daughter. It’s nice to see a softer, gentle side of her that’s willing to be vulnerable.

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And while the team is away on their Bulgarian mission, Ray stays behind. Unfortunately, so does Emma which has both us and Will a bit worried. After all, who can really trust Ray? And for a while, it seems like Ray may be treading down the same path as before. He begins hanging out and drinking with Emma, something that has Ray on edge. Frankie didn’t hesitate to make jokes about it though, because why not?

I did not want Ray to get with Emma, but I have to say that I was secretly wishing for it so it would free up Will to be with Frankie. Just saying, they’re the cuter couple! Even though Frankie and Will have not found their way to each other yet, their friendship is progressing in a wonderful way, and I’m so here for that.


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If you were paying close attention to this week’s episode of Whiskey Cavalier then you surely noticed that Scott Foley’s wife, Marika Domińczy, was in it. In a guest arc, Domińczy plays an undercover CIA agent that is deeply involved with the people behind the smuggling operation. At first, we are led to believe Martyna (her character) is a villain, but as is revealed later on, she’s just there to help. And guess what? Mission successful!

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Not only do they infiltrate the entire operation, but all the kids are reunited with their parents. This show really does do it all, doesn’t it? Happy, sad, love, angry, and everything in between.

Whiskey Cavalier airs every Wednesday at 10 PM EST!