Whiskey Cavalier season 1, episode 5 recap: The English Job


Whiskey Cavalier heads to London in this week’s episode to complete an “English Job”.

Whiskey Cavalier fans are waiting for Frankie and Will to get together. That pretty much sums up what we’ve been waiting for since the series premiered, and to think, we’re only five episodes in. This week’s episode, “The English Job” takes the team to London, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ lives are in danger. While on their mission, there is definitely some tension and friction between Frankie and Will, but Frankie does not want to jeopardize their jobs and act on it. I mean, can’t she make an exception?

What’s fun about Whiskey Cavalier this week is getting to see a whole different side to Frankie–jealousy. Despite the distance she’s tried to maintain and the hard exterior she likes to present, the girl is definitely developing some feels towards Will. It’s very clear throughout the episode as Will meets an MI-6 agent during the mission who is a tad bit smitten over him.

Will is a sensitive soul so there was some concern as to who this lady is and if she’s going to end up breaking his heart. I am happy to report that she doesn’t, and in fact, by the episode’s end, she shows up in New York City to surprise Will. It hurt just a tiny bit, however, when Frankie walked into the bar, only to see them kissing. Ouch.

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This week’s episode of Whiskey Cavalier is a rough one for Standish, but he ends up learning something about himself along the way. He may not be one of them by profession/training, but he definitely has the grit to be. During a mission, Standish gets shot at and falls off the roof into a dumpster. He seems relatively okay all around, but we’re forgetting one thing–he’s not a spy. Naturally, this works against him because he has to sort through his feelings of being attacked.

He falters a bit but finds his ground when he not only singlehandedly saves the mission, but climbs to great heights off the side of a roof to do so. How awesome was that?!

Before Standish pulled off his amazing feats, Will made an effort to talk him down from everything that happened. So as Standish sorted through the traumatic experience, Jai became a target for Ray and Susan.

I’m not a huge fan of Ray for multiple reasons, but I will say his character is slowly starting to grow on me. Seeing his and Susan’s back and forth banter is pretty hilarious, and seeing them mess around with Jai is even better.

Between the IQ jokes and the pestering him about his ability to do work, Jai was pretty fed up. Luckily, Susan stepped to let him know its all a prank–it could have gone badly.

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This whole ordeal did teach Jai one thing. He’s not the smartest and the most resourceful of the group, in fact, he shares that with Standish. Together, they both bring a lot to the table, even if Jai didn’t want to see that at first. Alas he does, and it feels like a very exciting and uniting moment. In fact, the entire episode was fun to watch because the team is getting into their own groove. They’re no longer complete strangers, but rather a functioning team.

Now, we just have to wait and see what happens between Frankie and Will. Could they make Whiskey Cavalier fans over the moon happy? Let’s hope so!

Whiskey Cavalier airs every Wednesday at 10 PM EST!