The Orville season 2, episode 13 recap: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

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THE ORVILLE: Adrianne Palicki in the ÒTomorrow & Tomorrow & TomorrowÓ episode of THE ORVILLE airing Thursday, April 18 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Kevin Estrada/FOX

The Orville dives into the complexities of time travel with this episode that brings a past version of Kelly face to face with her future.

This episode of The Orville opens with Ed, Kelly, and Gordon having drinks with Talla and telling her all about the fun times they had when they were younger. After Gordon tells a particularly embarrassing story about Ed, Gordon and Talla head to bed for the night.

After they leave, Ed tells Kelly that it’s still not off the table for them to try their relationship again. Kelly says the past feels like a different lifetime and she likes how great their friendship is now. Plus, she still doesn’t think a captain and his first officer being in a relationship is a good idea.

Elsewhere, John is talking to (and complimenting) Isaac on a scientific breakthrough that could lead to time travel. As they talk, Kelly comes in and sends John to work on another project.

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Just then, the Orville hits a gravitational wave that shakes the ship but doesn’t cause significant damage. Kelly heads to the bridge and tells Isaac to go help John check on the ship. As Isaac moves to leave the room, he hears a noise. Standing behind him is a younger version of Kelly (let’s call her Kelly B).

Kelly B insists she doesn’t know who Isaac is or where she is and she says she was just in her apartment. Isaac then radios to the bridge to say Kelly may be sick. Of course, Kelly is on the bridge and responds saying she’s fine. Isaac then says to send Talla, there’s an intruder.

The Orville then transitions to Claire examining Kelly B and finding she’s an exact match for Kelly, just seven years younger. Ed and Kelly come in and Kelly struggles to believe that Kelly B is really her younger self as Claire says.

Later, in the conference room, Isaac and John speculate that the gravitational wave, combined with Kelly’s proximity and Kelly thinking about her first date with Ed, set Isaac’s device off and pulled Kelly B into the Orville. The two are not sure how they can reverse it (or if it’s even possible).

Kelly, asking the important questions, asks why she can’t remember this event happening (if Kelly B is really her past) and, if they can’t send Kelly B back, why is Kelly there in the first place.

It’s possible that this event caused a brand new timeline or it may have fractured their previous timeline.

Back in Ed’s office, Kelly gets a drink. The two talk about what they should tell Kelly B about the last seven years. If it’s a tangential timeline and Kelly B gets sent back, it won’t matter. But if everything is one timeline, Kelly B having information about the future could change their present.

It’s impossible to know which situation is true, but Ed won’t lock Kelly B in her room for doing nothing wrong. He decides when in doubt, tell her the truth.

The two then go talk to Kelly B and explain that they were married and then divorced and now they work together. It’s a lot for Kelly B to process. Rather than continuing to stumble through their history, Kelly gives Kelly B access to her personal logs.

On the bridge, John and Isaac deliver bad news: the gravitational wave that kickstarted the device was a random phenomenon, they have no way of replicating it. There’s no way they can send Kelly B back.

Ed and Kelly deliver the news to Kelly B, saying she can make her new life what she wants. The timeline is in tact, so starting a new life should be fine. But, as Kelly B notes, that means she no longer has her friends or family because, even though they’re still alive, they’re all Kelly’s. This isn’t her world.

Kelly B goes back to her room to think and Talla comes to check on her. Talla encourages Kelly B to start seeing herself as a different person from Kelly. Just because Kelly did something or didn’t do something, doesn’t mean Kelly B can’t or won’t in her new life.

Talla also says she’s happy to have Kelly B as a new friend, which cheers Kelly B up. Talla gets Kelly B a uniform and the two have drinks with John and Gordon.

Kelly B regales them with a wild story from when she was at Union Point, which they all find hilarious. Then Kelly comes up and pulls Kelly B aside. Kelly explains that she has to keep things (like that story) secret from the crew to maintain her command, she has to keep a distance. Kelly B says she’s just trying to make friends and it’s hard if she’s constrained by what Kelly wants.

Kelly says she understands but then says that the good thing is they have each other as the ultimate confidant. A twin sister, essentially, who knows everything about the other.

Kelly B then explains that she’s thinking about requesting a post on the Orville since she’s becoming friends with Talla and the crew. Kelly doesn’t seem excited about that possibility. But, seeing how happy it makes Kelly B, Kelly supports the idea.

Later, Kelly B goes to talk to Ed. Her first date with her Ed is starting fresh in her mind and she asks this Ed if he’d go out on a second date with her.