Black Summer season 1, episode 8 recap: The Stadium


The supergroup makes their last push toward the stadium, but first, they must make it through the chaos of the overrun downtown area on Black Summer.

Survivors: The Black Summer supergroup finds that they aren’t the only ones heading toward the stadium. A number of small groups and individuals form an advancing line toward the stadium, everyone contributing to the defense of the others. As zombies are sighted, the front line breaks into fire to take it down. At first, it’s fairly organized and you think that they’re doing pretty well for untrained civilians.

But as more zombies come through from other directions, inevitably someone gets shot or bit and causes a panic. In this case, Carmen gets hit with a wild bullet and doesn’t even have time to collapse before turning into a zombie. The once organized line dissolves into chaos as people run screaming and fire blindly.

Downtown: The supergroup sticks together as much as possible, but find themselves separated. Sun, Spears, and Lance advance and cover each other, but Lance finds himself pursued (like usual), while Spears and Sun are knocked senseless by the shock of an explosion. Rattled, they get up to move forward.

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Fall: Rose and William move forward together. Rose clears the way for William, who is struggling to keep up with his aggravated injury. William gets hit with the shock of the same explosion, but Rose comes to help him and they go together into the cloud of settling dust and smoke.

Lance: Poor guy just can’t catch a break. He is so close to making it to the stadium, but is dazed by the shock of the explosion and stumbles too slowly toward the building. His way is blocked by an oncoming horde of zombies and he finds himself sprinting in the opposite direction, pursued by the horde. That’s the last we see of Lance.

The Killing: Sun and Spears have made it to the skywalk leading into the stadium and hold off the zombies waiting for Rose and William to catch up. They advance together as quickly as possible, fighting off zombies and weaving through the blockades. They literally have to drag William now, whose injured leg can no longer support his weight. He argues with Sun, telling her to kill him and leave him behind. With no options left and the zombies coming toward them fast, Rose shoots William in the head. He really was one of the good guys. Sun is devastated, but there’s no time to mourn with the zombies chasing them.

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No longer slowed down by William, the three of them run to the gate and get through to the stadium, blocking off the zombies behind them. The stadium, which should be filled with people if the evacuation transports had made it through, is suspiciously and frighteningly empty. When they reach the field, an armed man appears from the opposite entry point. They both point their guns at each other in a wary standoff. He lowers his gun first and a young girl appears by his side, holding a pistol. It’s Rose’s daughter. She comes down through the stands and onto the field, breaking out into a run toward Rose.

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