Whiskey Cavalier season 1, episode 8 recap: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind


Have you ever wondered how spies celebrate Christmas? Just ask Whiskey Cavalier!

Whiskey Cavalier gave us the best episode of the season this week! There was so much action, comedy, and lots and lots of mystery. But most importantly, the team got to celebrate Christmas! Granted it’s not the correct time of year, but hey, spies don’t have the time, so you gotta celebrate when you can.

To get into the festive mood, Jai organized a Secret Santa exchange but wasn’t too eager to attend the party. But thanks to some threatening remarks from Susan, he decided to make an effort to meet and mingle with people. We have to talk about the presents everyone gave each other which include Will giving Frankie the exact same bullet she once shot him with.

Tina got Standish some Cuban rum and Will got a hat from Jai. It was all pretty cute if you ask me. Made them feel like such a close-knit family and gave me all the feels.

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This week’s Whiskey Cavalier mission involved managing a prisoner transport. Who is this prisoner? Very. top. secret. That’s what. But before long, we find out exactly who it is–Alex Ollerman.

Do you remember the boss that double-crossed the team that everyone thought was dead? Yup, the very same guy.

Unfortunately, he’s still very much alive and involved with a group called The Trust. What made matters worse was that he had someone helping him from the inside so he knew the team’s every single move. As much as the team attempted to keep the fact that Ollerman is still alive from Ray, he inevitably found out–and it wasn’t pretty.

Things go from bad to worse when Susan is captured by Ollerman’s mole, Todd (the annoying guy from last week’s episode). And there’s no way that we can let anything happen to Susan! As much as Ollerman tried to break apart the entire team by revealing their insecurities, it resulted in an epic fail.

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Of course, in order to get Ollerman to help them out, Frankie and Will pretend to be at odds and Will even lets Frankie shoot him. Unfortunately, by the episode’s end, Ollerman gets away because it was the only way to make sure every single member of the team survived. Ugh, now he’s out there and it means danger is lurking at every corner.

How will the season play out the Ollerman angle? I have no idea, but I’m actually excited to find out.

Whiskey Cavalier airs every Wednesday at 10 PM EST!