Brockmire season 3, episode 2 recap: Player To Be Named Later


Jules has a new romantic interest batting around the ballpark, and Brockmire has acceptance issues wrapped around his alcoholic tendencies.

Jules is back in town to break the news to Brockmire. Jules is dating someone. She is scared to name her new romantic interest identity.  Jim Brockmire, the newly sober gentleman, assures her he is fine with it.  This new accepting Brockmire, who is sober, and fine with people drinking in front of him.

He is definitely a new Jim. Any version of the old Jim would have grabbed a drink immediately after Jules said she was dating someone. New Jim was able to hold his ill will at bay when Jules told him she was dating Brockmire’s only good friend, George Brett.

Brett not only has Jules, but he also has a shot at an MLB Network TV studio gig with Bob Costas. He has only stories about giving Bob Costas pink eye in Sochi and breaking Jules’ heart, twice. Part of the program is admitting one’s wrongs, so he gives up the truth to Costas. Costas, good man that he is, will not hold a grudge against Brett.

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Brockmire does not get off so light. He has no shot with Jules because she refuses to wait in perpetuity for him to get his act together and he is barely able to have an emotional relationship with a turtle.

Jules has a bit more spunk. She’ll also have another wine. After a quick talk with Brett, his anxiety takes its toll. He has the broadcasting yips. If ever there were a situation that could drive Brockmire back the bottle, it would be because he suffered from breaking his Cal Ripken styled drinking streak in the booth.

There was once a Venn Diagram showing the disconnect of Brockmire’s podcast audience and his baseball fans. That same graphic could be used to show how much he underestimated Jules shattered emotions. It could show that little overlap in the middle, the tiniest defined area, as a visual for his degree of change. Honestly, two overlapping circles can represent a lot of things.

Brett is also sober. This represents the last out in Brockmire’s day. Brett stopped drinking around the same time as Brockmire. Few weeks after that, if the timeline adds up, Jules meets Brett and they start dating. Now furious Brockmire emerges, sobriety and verbal firewater of the purest variety.

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This is an outburst for which he is immediately apologetic. Jules cannot handle sober Brockmire, even if she is drunk. She can handle Brett, who had a Hall of Fame career. Forget about his ‘corked bat’ situation, it is forgivable.

What’s not forgiveable is that this news has completely ruined his sober train of thought. Now, his biggest issues is the broadcasting Yips.