Brockmire’s big swing at an Emmy


Hank Azaria’s Brockmire, a single funny or die sketch that has now been renewed through the fourth season, is up for an Emmy.

The IFC breakout hit just finished the second season, and fans should expect more Knuckleballs from this authentic dark comedy. With the Emmy’s approaching, what are Azaria and IFC’s chances of further recognition?

The second season of Brockmire fulfilled fans expectations and brought in a whole new audience to the IFC hit.

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"“It’s genuinely funny, genuinely dark, and genuinely truthful,” Azaria said during a panel at Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys event. “[The series] sorta uses baseball as a metaphor for America, and this aging guy in American trying to catch up to modern times.”"

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Jim and Jules basked in their problems, and copious amounts of liquor, in Season 1, when Jim was not using Jules’ microphone to wallow in his sorrows.

His whole reason for being in Morristown was to find a way back to the majors. All he did was fall in love and venture further into the despair of alcoholism.

Jim choosing baseball over Jules was inevitable. A man pursuing his still attainable dreams will cling to hope longer than a poor drunk will clutch his last pint. The ending of season 2 leads us to believe that Brockmire believes he can hold it together for one more run at The Show.

Even if Brockmire falls off the wagon, the audience for Brockmire continues to grow. IFC’s darling of a success has brought prestige to the channel. Garnering Emmy nominations for a show that was originally a Funny or Die sketch and is relatively cheap is not easy. Neither is hiding liquor in binoculars, but more people are seeking out Brockmire.

"“I think the greatest strength of Season 1 is this very unique love story, very funny love story between these two horrible drunks played by Amanda Peete and myself,” he said."

Even in season 2, the role players performed like stars and Hank Azaria again put in an award-worthy eight episodes. Jim Brockmire’s spiral into the oblivion of addition led to a game of Russian roulette that always comes up snake eyes.

Brockmire’s rock bottom was meeting such a disturbed woman and witnessing the logical end to his lifestyle. Mixing games, drugs, and bullets lead to terrible analogies and even worse baseball commentary. Detox headaches and boring people with mundane stories are like a bullet in the head only metaphorically it turns out.

Even the podcast was suffering. Losing that confidence made things worse. With no place to stay, Brockmire spent his time getting sober and helping others. With Charles and Jules back in his life, the next two seasons’ adventures could lead anywhere.

Well, except Charles loft unless he grows a pair and demands his ex moves out. The group won’t need that place until Brockmire bombs out of Oakland or retires gracefully to the only town he should ever call home, New Orleans.

“I’m a little shocked at how good it’s come out — not because I didn’t think we’d do well, but you know, you just never know, right?” he said. “You do your best, you put people together, you hope the sum is gonna be greater than the parts — it rarely is. “It’s the only time I’ve ever developed [a project] for myself that’s gone anywhere near well,” Azaria said almost channeling his most defeatist Brockmire moments.

“Honestly? This one is,” he said, turning to the packed DGA Theater crowd. “Money-back guarantee: If you see the show, I promise you, the first 10 minutes you’ll be hooked in.”

Considering that the Season 2 opening episode monologue was called the best on behinds since Sir Mix A Lot’s Baby Got Back, some episodes can hook a viewer in under 10 seconds.

Brockmire deserves an Emmy just for its authenticity. The writing and dark humor have been excellent as well. More than one episode recap felt like writing letters to my ex, instead of reviewing a television show about baseball.

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That Brockmire can reach such touching humor while leaving fans with the term ‘gift basket candidate’ is a testament to its characters and depth of the story, which comes over great in just eight episodes.

In the confidence of knowing exactly what Brockmire is as a show, Azaria finally has another character that appeals to almost everyone. IFC should feel confident in at least on Emmy.