Brockmire season 3, episode 3 recap: The Yips exposes Brockmire’s history with humiliation


Brockmire is learning that life is all about getting count right and that many a desperate measure has been taken to cure The Yips.

The Yips are a serious problem, with a colorful history. Jim Brockmire is a colorful character, dealing with sobriety and plenty of depressing news. The first year of sobriety has given him plenty of AA chips to carry in his legendary jacket, and plenty of time to clear his head.

Jim’s head is not cleared, however. Now, these unsolved issues are have led to a terrible case of the broadcasting yips.

The Yips might be the only curse Brockmire is unable to brush off and another of one of life’s little moments. Those moments are usually humiliating for Brockmire, but that is of little worry. In this episode, we learned how he was born. He can handle humiliation better than his mother handled those Dress Barn cleaning supplies.

Fans will get more insight into Brockmire’s psyche when his mother visits next week. IFC has really allowed fans to see the whole picture in this third season.

Brockmire has been sober for a year, and the payoff is a visit from his borderline abusive mother. Mother Brockmire could not have picked a worse time to come back into his life. Jules has a new man, and it’s Brockmire’s only best friend. The solo booth dream is gone, but at least Gabby is still employed.

The yips are still a slight problem. The voices in Brockmire’s head are all different versions of Jim trying to express themselves now that alcohol is not the most common active suppressant. Though his narcissism astounds, curing the Yips requires finding a higher power.

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The definition of a higher power has always been illogical and unnecessary. Skipping over the AA steps that involved any higher power voodoo helped Brockmire finish the twelve steps in record time. It’s best that Jim kept that to himself for as long as he did. Gabby and he were booted from the church before the first uninspiring song was sang.

Jim has finally run out of devil’s advocate protestations. It is past time to admit he hates himself, but that admission is far too easy. Brockmire’s alcoholic loathing is partly responsible for a mostly successful forty years career in broadcasting. His wife and a live microphone were only partially responsible for his downfall.

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Sober Jim has to find the humility to send prayers to his god, Sky Daddy. Whatever folks want to call a higher power of their understanding, Brockmire needed some calm. What he does not need is someone like his mother influencing him.

IFC’s Brockmire, which airs on Wednesday nights, is the most fun, if not most offensive, show on television. Those with thin-skin should beware. Everyone else should start binge-watching to catch up with this gem of a comedy.