The Tick season 2, episode 7 recap: Lei-Lo, Ho!


The Tick and Arthur set out to find the lobster babies while Dot and Overkill set out on their own mission to find the Duke.

The Tick and Arthur are scouring the city in search of the “house under a volcano” from Lobstercules only clue as to where Donny might be hiding out, but they haven’t found anything yet. Miss Lint calls and tells Arthur that Superian seems to think he’s his therapist or something and that he’s been thinking about blowing people out into space.

Arthur is suspicious that Lint seems to actually be concerned about other people, which sets off the hero’s voice in his head. She deflects his questions, but while Arthur is on the phone he can hear the lobster babies singing in the background. Wherever Lint is, the babies are nearby. They trace her location through caller ID and stake out the Lei-Lo Motel with Tinfoil Kevin.

Meanwhile, Donny and his guys can’t get the lobster babies to eat and are getting tired of taking care of what is now a liability. Donny decides its time to have a lobster dinner, which he says in what sounds like a Cockney English accent. In fact, it sounded so much like a Cockney accent that I thought it was going to be some kind of plot twist that he was actually from England, but it turned out just to be a weird dialect slip – he’s still supposedly from Maine.

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The stakeout team sees one of the Donnelly’s return to the motel with supplies and Kevin follows him to find out what room they’re staying in. Tick creates a diversion outside so that Arthur can sneak in the bathroom window and save the lobster babies. Donny discovers him before he can sneak back out and they struggle. Tick has incapacitated the other Donnellys and rushes to help Arthur, leaving Lint to watch over the criminals. Despite her own struggle to ignore her “hero’s voice,” she finds herself helping Tick and Arthur rescue the lobster babies and capture the criminals.

Back at the apartment, Arthur, Tick, and Kevin try to make the lobster babies as comfortable as possible. Now comes the hard part: parenting.

Mild-mannered Walter gets a coded call on his secret burner phone while he’s out buying house paint. He replies in code and destroys the phone, returning home to his secret command center hidden in the tool shed. This is where Walter takes a video call from Rathbone himself, telling him that he has a job to do.

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Dot and Overkill set out on a mission to track down the Duke. Overkill and DB have a dance party tradition before big character-defining, all-or-nothing type missions to celebrate everything they fight for. Dot is totally on board with this and they all dance it out. When they arrive at what should be the Duke’s headquarters, everything has been cleaned out and they walk into a trap. Overkill’s bionic eyes are hacked and he’s blinded, then he gets caught in a glass cage that comes up around him out of the floor. DB warns that a self-destruct sequence has been engaged and that the building is about to blow up. The Duke wants Overkill alive, but Dot has to leave him behind to escape the blast.

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