The Act season 1, episode 7 recap: Bonnie & Clyde

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The Act — “A Whole New World” – Episode 106 — While Gypsy and Nick are on the run, flashbacks to a much younger Dee Dee reveal how trauma with her own mother set her up for conflict with Gypsy. Nick Godejohn (Calum Worthy) and Gypsy Rose Blanchard (Joey King), shown. (Photo by: Brownie Harris/Hulu)

With only two episodes left in Gypsy’s story, The Act focuses on Gypsy’s short stint on the run, her arrest and the events directly leading up to her trial.

This episode of The Act starts with Gypsy and Nick finally on their bus and driving through Wisconsin. Gypsy seems a little more relaxed and relieved than she was in the last episode, enjoying the scenery that passes by.

When they get to the bus stop in Big Bend, Wisconsin, they’re picked up by Nick’s mom who takes them back to Nick’s house.

As they drive, Nick’s mom (Kathy) and Gypsy talk and we learn that Nick has told his family that Gypsy and her mom were homeless. Gypsy (according to the lie) was kicked out of the homeless shelter by her mother, so now she has to live with them.

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All this talk about her mom starts to effect Gypsy and she starts to get sad thinking about her dead mother.

Nick’s family is lower class than Gypsy expected, as Gypsy finds out when she gets to their house and can’t find any food. Nick explains that usually, he brings home pizza from work. Or sometimes they have donuts.

Nick isn’t bothered by the limited food, but Gypsy finds it annoying that his mom isn’t taking care of him and providing for him.

Gypsy’s disappointment in her lack of a fairytale place to live continues when Nick shows her his room. It’s a mess, which bothers Gypsy (despite the fact that she had been living in the clutter with her mom when Dee Dee was sick). The one saving grace for the room was that Nick had cleared out an entire armoire for Gypsy to put her things in.

Anyway, hungry and lacking food, Gypsy and Nick go to the store. Gypsy won’t let them use the money they stole to use for their future. Instead, she fakes an injury at the store so she can get a motorized cart and steal instant mashed potatoes.

Gypsy is very much in charge and tells Nick exactly where to go and what to say so she can accomplish her theft. Nick always seems reluctant but goes with it at Gypsy’s insistence.

Back at Nick’s house, the two sit and watch television with Kathy and Nick’s dad, Vance.

Again, Kathy and Gypsy start talking about Gypsy’s mom and Kathy suggests she try to give her mom a call to try to patch up their relationship. Gypsy shuts down and gets quiet, but says she’s better off with Nick.

But Gypsy gets set off when Kathy and Vance start talking about Dr. Phil episodes, implying that Gypsy’s mom may be crazy. Gypsy gets mad, saying she used to do nice things for her. Gypsy starts to spiral, rambling about things that her mom did for her that she enjoyed (like going to conventions). She only stops to ask why the mashed potatoes that Nick made taste weird. (He says he followed the instructions.)

This leads to Kathy remembering a time Nick left raw hamburger meat in their car during the summer and forgot about it for so long that it stunk up their car.

Gypsy starts to get uncomfortable as The Act shows flashes back to the murder scene.

Gypsy leaves the room and heads up to Nick’s room, where Nick comes to check on her. She says she just has an upset stomach and asks for medicine. But Nick says they don’t have medicine (any, at all) in their house.

Then Gypsy, through tears, starts talking about how maybe they should go back to her old place in Springfield and live there instead. (Nick, logically, says that that’s probably not a great idea.) Gypsy says they’ll just make sure Dee Dee’s body is found (saying someone else killed her), they’ll move Dee Dee’s body out, and then the two of them can live in Gypsy’s old house together.

Gypsy can’t bear to know her mother’s body is rotting in the house, so they decide to post a message to the shared Gypsy and Dee Dee Facebook page. This way, Dee Dee’s friends will see and go check on her.

After a few rough drafts, the couple settles on what they think a real murderer would say: “That [expletive] is dead!”

The Act then cuts to Lacey coming home and finding the disturbing Facebook post. She calls her mom and immediately heads over to check on Gypsy and Dee Dee with her.

Back in Nick’s room, Gypsy worries the Facebook post wasn’t enough since no one is posting about finding Dee Dee’s body. They decide to post an even more grotesque and graphic message to make sure people understand how bad the situation is. Of course, as soon as Gypsy hits post, Nick asks if she remembered to turn off their location first.

She didn’t.

Nick tries to assure her that things will be ok. He tells her that he was arrested once (for reasons he won’t get in to) and had his computer taken. However, the cops didn’t know how to even find his browser history, so they’re probably not smart enough to track them down.

As a side note, because it’ll matter later: throughout this, Gypsy is still very much in charge of what the posts say and what Nick does.