One Strike, Two Balls: 3 reasons to watch IFC’s Brockmire

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Hank Azaria as Jim Brockmire – Brockmire _ Season 3, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Kim Simms/IFC

Hank Azaria’s Jim Brockmire character deserved more than a few Funny or Die clips. IFC saw the potential of a series, and then multiple seasons. Here are 3 reasons to watch IFC’s underappreciated comedy hit Brockmire.

IFC is a channel with the ability to take a few risks. Hank Azaria is a comedic legend. His Brockmire character had microphone time on film, thanks to a few Funny or Die clips. It was obvious to IFC shot callers before the first episode even aired that this story deserved more than one season.

The first season opened with the glorious Brockmire meltdown while on air. With a live microphone, he described his wife’s infidelity in great detail. Season two sent the alcoholic announcer to New Orleans, which was a chaotic charm, until a very dark turn in the later episodes. Season three has been about Brockmire’s sobriety, mostly.

Brockmire is a home run comedy that goes well beyond baseball. Anyone not into sports should worry little. The baseball terminology is only half used to describe actual baseball. The far-reaching and subtle references used during the ball game is what makes a Brockmire broadcast authentic.

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The show’s other characters help carry the series like Brockmire carrying a hidden bottle of liquor, bourbon preferably. Amanda Peete and Tyrel Jackson Williams start off as the best sidekicks Brockmire could have ever hoped for, but by the third season, some bridges have been burned. Other cameos throughout the series are among the best reasons for watching Brockmire.

Pitchers and broadcasters both need a good delivery and a repertoire of pitches. The most common are a fastball, a breaking ball, and a changeup. The three best pitches for watching follow. Catch up before the third season ends, the payoff of a fourth season is already in the works.

Spoilers will be avoided like Fredo avoided Micheal after their mother’s funeral, but the opening breakdown is a must watch.